Myanmar-unconventional honeymoon

Are you looking for a honeymoon with a divergence or a special way to burst the big question? Myanmar, where they can go away on a gentle river cruise down from Mandalay and experience the dizzying heights on a balloon ride over ancient Bagan, is a perfect place for lovers wanting experience an unconventional honeymoon. Being well known for its romantic, unspoiled sunsets, Myanmar will offer you plenty of truly unique moments together. Plan your tours to Indochina with us

Myanmar-unconventional honeymoon
Myanmar-unconventional honeymoon – source:

After taking in Yangon, many couples complete their vacations in Myanmar by spending time on the beach at the end of their itinerary. In Yangon, they can find a large number of great restaurants with internationally complimented chefs that are excellent for romantic dinners. Here, the colonial buildings give an ideal backdrop for walks around the city, and all the ancient temples can create in couples another spiritual emotion adding to the experience. It is also highly recommended to pay a visit to many famous places including the U Bein Bridge to admire the spectacular sunset in Mandalay, the Irrawaddy River to enjoy a cruise as well as join in a hot air balloon riding over the pagoda-filled plains throughout Bagan.

Spectacular sunset at the U Bein Bridge
Spectacular sunset at the U Bein Bridge – source:

A perfect romantic trip should always be accompanied with an exotic atmosphere and magnificent surroundings. Myanmar is a country where besides frantic cities like Yangon and Mandalay, there are also many lively peaceful villages in the countryside, awesome mountains, national parks, long sandy beaches, great religious sites and many more for couples to explore. All couples are likely to spend standard time together, admire the amazing scenery and experience a once in a life escape. Being the least discovered country in Southeast Asia, Myanmar gives you a more special and easier to interact with locals who touch your heart with their hospitability and generosity. Tours in Myanmar

Myanmar-exotic getaway
Myanmar-exotic getaway –

Myanmar also has a wide variety of interesting holidays and festivals that would make your honeymoon experience more memorable. Most of these special days and events are attached with the lunar cycle, which is the base of the Burmese calendar. The Thingyan Festival, taking place usually in April, ringing in the Burmese New Year is the most famous national holidays. During the time of the festival, Myanmar becomes a huge water contest—a reference to “washing away” the last year and starting a new one. Joining in this festival will be one of your unforgettable experiences. Across the country, there also are regional festivals, some of which celebrate local traditions while others celebrate local people. For example, in Taunggyi in Shan State, they hold a hot air balloon festival in which people participate on compound balloon designs and how high the balloons can fly. The entire three-day festival is something like a fair.

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