““Nem con” – a folk game from Thai ethnic in Vietnam  “

Every festival, the Thai New Year in the Northwest, next to the ceremony is the ritual, the ritual of the spirit , the Assembly indispensable part throwing game.

In preparation for the festival of throwing, the Thai girls have prepared several months in advance stages remaining sacred ball. The fruit is also skillful hands of the Thai village girl sewing cloth, shaped also to large grapefruit, inside stuffed, soft grass, rags, or particles of cotton. It has a brilliant color.

“Nem con” festival of Thai ethnic
“Nem con” festival of Thai ethnic

Golf throwing was held on a wide range of land is relatively flat and up a long bamboo from 15-20m. On the tops of bamboo poles, outside the five-color flag Fluttering manifestations of Spring also has a bamboo ring diameter of about two inches Convention, with red wrapping paper. This paper pasted red circle as the focal point for the other team throw contest. In the minds of Thais, throwing game is very special. With the Tay, the game throws also means demand season. Before closing assembly, oracles will slit still sacred ball is grained, roll up for all to collecting the fortune. The Tay conceived this seed will bring good harvests and good luck, because it was the warmth of the hands of men and women.

Sacred ball bounce carry symbolic significance for all the sad, sick, bad things will get rid, instead of prosperity and happiness. If you hit the circle and drop pierced paper is negative – positive harmony, life will proliferate, will bumper crop.

“Nem con” is traditional game of Thai ethnic – even foreigner is very excited to join this game
“Nem con” is traditional game of Thai ethnic – even foreigner is very excited to join this game

When organizing contests throwing, throwing fruit also tends to be the river or stream watershed, which is the direction of the village of Thai because Thai people often live inside the water upstream. Maybe so, throwing games will never die, become folk games fun and exciting to attract more people to participate in.

Game rule is very simple throws, just the players divided into two teams, two top standing used bamboo and fruit still spinning throw up on the first ring hanging bamboo. If the team that caused the circle hit the winner.

“Nem con” festival is occurred in the spring of every year
“Nem con” festival is occurred in the spring of every year

Association of Thai throwing irrespective of age, anyone can join. Even tourists plains up fun Assembly, will be the prize in a skirt graceful Thai Com guides you how to play. If you are the winner will be rewarded for chum village elders or the corn alcohol while you throw fruit as a souvenir.

The game lasts for several festivals and afternoon, they pulled together for publication, counters the stove and drank alcohol together, celebrate together a prosperous year, buffalo chicken coop full, happy family.

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