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It is undeniable that shopping is one of the most exciting parts when you go traveling. The experience in Siem Reap, Cambodia is really different from the West where shopping malls or mini markets are the main choices. After enjoying Angkor in the daylight, you will surely have an interesting night in the market.

Financial convenience

Riel is the currency of Cambodia. $1 is equal to 4000 Riel. However, you do not have to exchange your money into local currency. It is very convenient that you can use US dollar directly. Do not worry if you buy something less than $1, you will be given the changes in Riel. Visit Siem Reap with Indochina travel


Shopping in Siem Reap
Shopping in Siem Reap

Organizing area

Although the market is not too big and welcomes lots of visitors every day, it is still organizing. Since then, you will not suffer messy market and get lost. Some kiots had really nice traditional decoration, together with warm light there; you will surely have good pictures. You will find smoothly laid out huts built from natural materials and designed beautifully in Khmer style.


 Market with organizing area
Market with organizing area


Souvenirs there are mostly traditional Cambodian handicrafts from clothing’s, silk, painting and photography’s, jewelries, wood and stone carvings. The most famous one there is scarf. The price ranks from $1 to $7 (after bargaining) depending on the quality and design. Cloth bags and dresses with traditional design are also sold in most of the shops. You may also like Cambodian tea, dried fruits and spices. Besides, jewelries become favorite souvenir in Sieam Reap. They also sell a lot of T-shirts, flip flops, back packs with reasonable price. There are some items made from recycled materials or used stuff available. Some items are contained inside the very beautiful and special boxes.


Traditional Cambodian souvenirs are wrapped with beautiful boxes
Traditional Cambodian souvenirs are wrapped with beautiful boxes


The price is always as half as what they told you or even less. The more number of items you buy, the cheaper price you can have. It is quite interesting that the vendors always say that they give you the best price and they have no profits. You will surprise about how cheap the stuff are.


The souvenirs in Siem Reap is very beautiful and cheap
The souvenirs in Siem Reap is very beautiful and cheap

Foot massage

After enjoying shopping and walking all around, let’s relax with foot massages. There are two types of massages: using human or fish. 10 minutes worth $1. As massaging by human is not special, let’s talk more about fish massage. Just put your feet into a tank and let the fish do their job. Those fish will eat the dead skin of your feet. Why don’t you take a seat with your feet into the tank while watching people walk around? Cambodia tours


Fish massage in night market in Siem Reap, Cambodia
Fish massage in night market in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Street food

Some grill food and juice also on the street. Some sellers do not allow tourists to freely take photo of their products unless those visitors buy something from them. It costs you $0.5 for the pictures if you do not buy anything. Therefore, just taste and see how it is different from your country and enjoy free photo for the very special dishes.

You really cannot miss night market in Siem Reap, Cambodia when you come to this city. Shopping is not only about getting something new but also learning the diversity of the culture. And it is bonus that you are going to have something for you friends and your relatives with very good price in night market in Siem Riep, Cambodia. Wish you an enjoyable shopping night there!

The Indochina Voyages team.

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