Pha That Luang stupa – why it must be seen when you are in Laos

Standing right in the centre of Vientiane tour, Laos Pha That deserves to be the most impressive gold-covered Buddhist Stupa in Laos. Mysterious and unique, your visit wouldn’t complete to Laos without dropping a visit to Pha That Luang – the most important national monument and officially a national symbol of Laos.

Gracious looking Pha That Luang
Gracious looking Pha That Luang

As the legend goes, King Setthathirat decided to move his capital from Luang Prabang day tours to Vientiane marked the construction of Pha That Luang in 1566. As its location is about 4km from the heart of Vientiane at the end of That Luang Road, the name Pha That Luang is mostly well-known to travelers until now. Indeed, this Stupa attracts visitors not only for its spectacular gold pyramid shape surrounded by 30 small Stupas but also for the gracious design inside.

Pha That Luang Overview
Pha That Luang Overview

Some more steps into Pha That Luang is the presence of amazing hand painted art works, which will put your mind in awesome feelings. Scattered around the temple well-cared grounds, there are also numerous statues of Buddha and deities. They are all life sized statues which are well crafted and dressed in bright saffron robes. Don’t miss this spectacular and historical place once travelling to beautifully ancient Laos!

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