Places to see in Thailand

There is a variety of natural places to see in Thailand with magnificent beauty maybe visitors would miss when they experience Golden Temple country.

  1. Morakot Cave:
Wonderful Morakot Cave
Wonderful Morakot Cave

Once there, tourist should not forget to take a torch because the cave is a triangular block in darkness. After sailing through 70m in the cave, visitors would see glimmering sunlight, that is ultimate goal and indeed people would feel that their effort is really worthy. Having reached this point of the cave, the light outside will help people see the scene inside clearer, and the cave gate is covered by a lot of moss. It is thought nothing special at first but until seeing the sparkling emerald green in the fanciful dark, visitors can feel surreal and ethereal beauty in the earth. Tours Indochina

  1. Sam Pan Bok:
Marvelous night sky in Sam Pan Bok
The marvelous night sky in Sam Pan Bok

No longer need to visit the Grand Canyon in the United States in order to watch the great rocky mountains. Sam Pan Bok – a pretty famous place in Thailand also owns the majestic Rocky Mountains. In Thailand, Sam Pan Bok means 3000 holes. The reason for this name is because the unique surface of the canyon is formed on the sandstone cliffs. The canyon is about 7 meters in depth and 20 meters in width. So as to contemplate the whole scene on high view and have some beautiful photos with the spectacular sight of the mountains, people can go to the cliffs near Ubon Ratchathani. Also, Sam Pan Bok at night is an ideal location with the river of stargazing stars in the night sky. Thailand travel tours

  1. Phang Nga Bay:
The whole sight of Phang Nga Bay in Thailand
The whole sight of Phang Nga Bay in Thailand

Suddenly one day becoming lost, and after a night drift, waking up on the shores of Phang Nga Bay, the first moment guests feel probably are: complete silence. Because of the marvelous landscape would make visitors cannot utter a word. Immense coast glitters in the sun as well as emerald limestone, mighty mountain are the highlights that make Phang Nga become one of the extremely popular names. Especially after one of its islands appeared in a James Bond film in 1974.

  1. Khao Sok National Park
The beauty of Khao Sok National Park
The beauty of Khao Sok National Park

The tropical forests in Khao Sok National Park is said to have been 160 million years old. This is one of the oldest tropical forests in the world. The best time to visit Khao Sok is the dry season, between December and April. At this point, people are able to watch the magnificent cliffs and sparkling waterfalls while sailing around. Khlong Sok lies in Khao Sok – a region in southern Thailand.

  1. Karma Beach:
Karma Beach in Thailand – one of the places to see
Karma Beach in Thailand – one of the places to see

Amid the vast beach is a small tip of the island, and travelers have no choice but to sail if they want to visit. But the time and effort people put in will be rewarded as soon as they experience a flawless beauty with white sandy beaches, utterly smooth and crystal-clear sea. Then guests can watch the sunrise directly or enjoy fantastic dive trips.

Because of tasty and cheap food, attracting culture, energetic Bangkok, and the hot seaside cities, there is no doubt that Thailand is gradually becoming one of the hottest names of the Southeast Asian tour.

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