Places to visit during Vietnamese Tet

In the eyes of many foreigners, Tet is often thought to be the perfect time to visit Vietnam. Well after all, during Tet, almost entertainment places, as well as restaurants and shops, would be closed. But if you do not get to watch the streets filled with colorful lights and lanterns, those tiny little red lucky money envelopes on the beautiful Golden Apricot Blossoms and Peach Blossoms, is not it a big miss-out? If you want to enjoy the Lunar New Year atmosphere better, you should visit some top places in Vietnam during Tet holiday: Indochina travel Vietnam

Dalat- a place to visit in Vietnamese Tet


Being the beautiful capital city of Lam Dong province, Dalat, which is known as The Flower City with picturesque pine forests, green valley, the fresh air and awesome French villas, is very popular with all the lovely-dovey honeymooners and couples.

As there are a lot of tourist attractions you would like to see: the Paradise Lake – an ideal tourist destination with an amazing view and a special way of fishing, mountain climbing, trekking, camping and health caring and the stunning Truc Lam Zen monastery , the imposing 2167m Lang Biang Mountain which satisfies the trekkers with such a marvelous view of the whole wide floral city besides an incredible  challenge, as well as some specialties of Dalat such as: Can wine, together with a great chance to experience Horse or Elephant riding, there is no need to worry about what to do in Dalat during Tet.

Nha Trang – The pearl of the Far East of Vietnam

Tet is the stunning time to visit Nha Trang
Tet is the stunning time to visit Nha Trang -source: internet

Nha Trang is definitely a perfect place for those who are searching for a place where you can both still be able to attend all the exciting events, countdown shows, the fireworks party and celebrations and enjoy the peaceful sound of the sea. Not only being well known for owning the most gorgeous beaches in Vietnam, during Tet, Nha Trang is also filled with peach branches and apricot trees as well as flowers from all the three regions of the country: South, Central and North. Therefore, you can easily get to see many different kinds of flowers on Le Hong Phong Street, Xom Moi Market, Ly Thanh Tong Street and Dam Market. The Holy Mother Tower where the fireflies warmly welcome the New Year by gathering and flying around the tower would be one of the most attractive places to visit here on Lunar New Year’s Eve. Vietnam tours

Hoi An – The Lantern Town

Hoi An Lantern Town
Hoi An Lantern Town -source: internet

In Hoi An, you needn’t worry about closed restaurants and shops during Tet holiday. You will immediately realize that Hoi An is the place to be – an ancient town just like in the movie, right upon your arrival to this charming town! The picturesque ancient peaceful street view, so much shopping need to be done with professional local tailors that will make a long lasting impression on you and so much mouth-watering street food to try with unexpected pleasure, especially the famous authentic “Banh My”, not the normal bread.

Hanoi – Feel the Unusual Tranquility

Hanoi in the tranquility during Tet Holiday
Hanoi in the tranquility during Tet Holiday -source: internet

Tet is the one and only time of the year that you can see these empty streets in Hanoi. Some would tell you to look around to admire a strangely beautiful scene although others might think it is a little boring to see this busy city suddenly get quiet and wonder what to do or where to go. During Tet holiday, Hanoi as yo, as you see,ck to being a peaceful little city where you can enjoy a hot authentic Vietnamese coffee on a typical cold winter day while doing a bit of walking tour around the Old Quarter without crowd and traffic jams, without horn from the vehicle. It is the best time to see Hanoi in a distinct sight from being a bustling capital city.

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