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Yangon is one of the most beautiful places in Myanmar that you should not pass when traveling to Myanmar. Beside its beauty, Yangon is also famous for many delicious street cuisines like E Kya Kway cruller, Roti bread, Mont Lone Yay Paw, Kauknyintok… Let’s discover popular street cuisines in Yangon together. Indochina tours

E Kya Kway cruller

E Kya Kway cruller is made from rice flour; it looks like the same Vietnamese cruller. Myanmar people eat E Kya Kway in breakfast with a cup of tea or coffee. Beside E Kya Kway cruller, Myanmar people also have noodle with fish or soup for breakfasts. E Kya Kway culler is a popular cuisine in Yangon.

Good crullers and friendly food shop owner in Yangon will make you satisfied
Good crullers and friendly food shop owner in Yangon will make you satisfied-source:

Roti bread

Myanmar is between China and India so Myanmar traditional cuisines are affected by Chinese and Indian foods, Roti bread is a typical example for this. Roti is a type of flat bread that has origin from India. Roti breads are made from many different types of fat like butter, sugar, milk, eggs and flour.

Roti bread- one of the most popular cuisines that you should taste in Yangon
Roti bread- one of the most popular cuisines that you should taste in Yangon-source:

Nangyi Thoke

This is a type of dry noodle with long strands. People eat Nangyi Thoke with chicken, sliced fish, boiled eggs and bean sprout. You can easily see Nangyi Thoke on most of streets in Yangon. You should try eating this cuisine and feel about Yangon’s cuisines.

Nangyi Thoke cuisine in Yangon
Nangyi Thoke cuisine in Yangon-source: http://news.zing.vn/

Samosa salad

 Samosa salad or Thoke is the name of the most popular cuisine of Myanmar foods. Flavors and ingredients of Samosa cuisine depend on Samosa makers. However, in basically, people finely chop Samosa (a kind of fried triangle cake with potato, bean and turmeric inside); finely chop cabbage, tomato, bean and shallots. Then, kitcheners will add some leaves of mint or coriander and some drops of lemonade so that Samosa salad will be more delicious with good smell. Myanmar tour packages

Samosa salad won’t make you fatty because of its ingredients
Samosa salad won’t make you fatty because of its ingredients-source:

Koh Pieh and Koh Puo cake

Koh Pieh is a type of cake that is made from glutinous rice flour. Kitcheners sprinkle sesame seeds onto surfaces of Koh Pieh cake. When you eat Koh Pieh, it depends on your taste, you can add a little pepper, a little salt and curettage coconut. It seems to be delicious.

Image for Koh Pieh cuisine
Image for Koh Pieh cuisine-source: http://news.zing.vn/

It will be a flaw if we mention Koh Pieh without mention Koh Puo cuisine when traveling to Yangon. Koh Puo is also made from glutinous rice flour like Koh Pieh. However, Koh Puo cakes are grilled over charcoal. People eat Koh Puo with syrup made from jaggery. It is not difficult for you to find out where people sell Koh Puo and Koh Pieh in Yangon’s streets. When you are tired and hungry due to walking to visit ancient and peaceful Yangon, don’t forget to have a rest and order Koh Puo or Koh Pieh to reward for your empty stomach in pretty Yangon.

Koh Puo- it is simple but delicious in Yangon
Koh Puo- it is simple but delicious in Yangon-source:

Mont Lone Yay Paw

This is a traditional dessert cuisine in Yangon and people like this cuisine so much. Do you know that Mont Lone Yay Paw cuisine is always eaten in the occasion of Thingyan festival? This cuisine is similar to Tanguan cake in China or Mochi cake of Japan. In basically, Mont Lone Yay Paw is made from glutinous rice flour with curettage coconut, jaggery inside. Kitcheners use banana leaves to wrap Mont Lone Yay Paw so this cake has a great smell. Do you want to taste it right now?

of banana leaf
Mont Lone Yay Paw is wrapped into a piece of banana leaf-source:

Bein Mont

This is a kind of fried cake. Bein Mont is made from glutinous rice flour, fresh curettage coconut and almond. All these materials make a attractive smell and flavor for Bein Mont. This cuisine is usually sold in the evening or late afternoon on most of streets in Yangon. Tourists always find out this cuisine to taste when they travel to Yangon. So you should add Bein Mont into the list of cuisines that you need to try tasting when traveling to Yangon, Myanmar.

Bein Mont is delicious, convenient to eat
Bein Mont is delicious, convenient to eat-source:


Dosa is a kind of Crepe cake or Pancake. It is made from ferment rice flour. Dosa cuisine has origin from the South of India. This cuisine is usually eaten in breakfast. You can find out and buy it easily from any restaurants or food markets in Yangon. I can say that Yangon is the heaven of street cuisines. Street cuisines in Yangon are simple and quite cheap and convenient for us to eat anywhere and anytime. Streets cuisines in Yangon have suitable price so everyone can eat without hesitation with “budget” when being hungry.

You shouldn’t miss Dosas when you are in Yangon
You shouldn’t miss Dosas when you are in Yangon-source: http://wanderlusttips.com/

Shan noodle

This type of noodle is the perfect combination among rice noodle, boiled chicken or pork water, roasted sesame seeds and garlic. This cuisine is served with sour pickled vegetables and it makes many tourists fall in love with it. It is regarded as a cuisine on the top of Myanmar when tourists travel to this pretty country. You can eat Shan noodle in any street in Myanmar. It is always available for you to taste.

Shan noodle attracts us by its good flavor
Shan noodle attracts us by its good flavor-source: http://wanderlusttips.com/

Skewer meat

The street No.19 is between Anawrahta and Maha Bandoola in Yangon. This street is the heaven of skewer meat stores. Skewer meats are processed from meat, fish and veggies. Skewer meats are grilled over red-fire-stoves. You will have chances to taste many different skewer meats with different flavors. The most important factor that decides the flavor of skewer meat is sauce. Every Kitchener has his/her own special formula to make different flavor for their skewer meats. I have to say that skewer meat is the cuisine I like most. Skewer meats are really attractive with great smell and taste. You can taste a grilled skewer of enokitake, broccoli and okra and then dunk these grilled skewers into sauces. You will have to scream out that it is so great.

Skewer meats on Yangon’s streets will certainly take your love
Skewer meats on Yangon’s streets will certainly take your love-source:

I have made a list of nine popular street cuisines in Yangon that you should spend time to taste when traveling to this ancient capital city of Myanmar. Our trip can’t be without trying tasting delicious cuisines in the places we arrival. Don’t forget to introduce to your friends and relatives of these typical street cuisines in Yangon.

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