Weather in Dalat by Month & Interesting Things You Should Know

The weather in Dalat is in temperate. This makes the weather here special. This city does not only have beautiful scenery but also the mild climate and also cool weather nearly all round the year. If you travel to Dalat in the spring or winter, you will be able to see the fanciful, dreamy beauty of this place. In contrast, when you come to Dalat on sunny summer days, you will see a lively Dalat. Ịn this blog, we will share with you an overview of Dalat weather by month.

weather in dalat inforgraphic
The infographic about Dalat weather you might want to save

Dalat weather in spring

Spring in Dalat lasts for 3 months, from January to the mid of April. The weather of Dalat in this season is very stable, less rainy and quite sunny. The average temperature usually fluctuates between 14 and 22 degrees Celsius. During the day, it has fog and mild sunshine. However, it will be cold at night. The worst weather in Dalat in this period is long time of raining. However, it’s quite rare and often only on cold days. Besides, the rain will make the weather in Dalat become colder. Therefore, it would be a bit difficult to participate in outdoor activities this time in Dalat.

At the beginning of spring, the weather in Dalat has a quite low temperature, which is from 12 – 15 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, it’s slightly cloudy, sometimes with light rain. The climate in Dalat in this season is much warmer than that of the winter. However, children and the elderly should still keep warm. Especially at night, Dalat temperature sometimes will drop to about 12, 13 degrees. 

Peach blossom in Dalat
Peach blossom covers fully along the sides of the road

A large number of travelers travel to Dalat in January. At that time, the weather is favorable and the scenery is very beautiful. Some specific features of this season are cold weather, fog and snow flower fields. Although it’s not as rainy as in previous months, January is still the coldest month in the year in Dalat. Besides, January is also the season of strawberry. If you come to Dalat this time, don’t forget to taste such excellent strawberries.

Dalat weather in summer 

From May to September, the new vitality has been brought to Dalat with the green everywhere in this land. Dalat is such a wonderful resort that it is perfect for visitors to relax and get out of the city’s hustle and bustle. In the afternoon, you may still have to curl up in a blanket. Besides, purple sunset and the dreamy fog will surely bring you such fairy scene when visiting there. 

When it turns to dark, it is wonderful to wear a thin sweater, walk to the market and enjoy hot dishes and drinks. Summer in Dalat is the season of thousands of flowers. From the parks and flower villages to the roadside or the mansion, the flowers bring you the gorgeous experience of scent. However, when the afternoon comes, you will be welcomed with cool winds. Dalat in the summer sometimes would surprise you with long and light rain, which will surely bring you such dreamy and romantic scene.

Wild sunflower in summer in Dalat
Wild sunflower is the symbol of summer in Dalat

What to do in Dalat on rainy days?

Normally, the rain may start from the mid-day until evening. So we should think about getting up a little earlier than usual to visit several outdoor sites. The rest of the day we will “hide” in famous indoor places for its structure and culture. It will be disappointing if you spend the whole day inside your room. Therefore, if you plan to travel Dalat in rain season, you can contact Vietnam tour companies for your tour arrangement; or let’s follow this rough itinerary below to make your own plan for these wet days:

  • Day 1: The Centre Botanical Garden – Cycling/Cyclo Ride around Xuan Huong Lake – Crazy House & Bao Dai Palace No. III or we can call it the Summer Palace
  • Day 2: The Valley of Love – XQ Embroidery Village – Coffee time
  • Day 3: Dalat Railway StationLinh Phuoc Pagoda – Shopping at Dalat Central Market

Dalat weather in autumn 

Dalat autumn is shorter than other seasons but it can still leave such a deep impression on travelers by the beauty of the wild flowers. If you travel to Dalat in October and November, you will be able to live in the cold weather even when it is sunny. In addition, at night, the temperature will be similar to the winter. Therefore, you are recommended to prepare both thin coats and warm jackets. For those romantic people, autumn in Dalat is considered to be the most glamorous season of the year.

Dalat autumn sunset 
Featured scenery of Dalat autumn sunset

Dalat weather in winter 

From the second half of November to the middle of January is the time of winter in Dalat. There, the winter is as cold as the winter in northern Vietnam. However, the beauty of Dalat is always rare. At the end of autumn and winter in Dalat, there are still tons of golden colors of wild flowers, so you can take advantage of early departure if you want to see the beauty of this flower.

In December, the temperature in Dalat drops to the lowest level, so remember to bring a warm coat. It’s also the time when white radish and different types of sunflower are blooming. White mustard flowers do not grow as much as the wild flowers but still attract travelers because of the purity of Dalat people. In the winter, Dalat sometimes has rain at night. Remember to bring a sweater and scarf along with you. 

snow fields in Dalat
Beautiful snow fields in winter

So, when is the best time to visit Dalat?

Many people have the same concern about the best time to visit Dalat. In fact, Dalat is beautiful in every season. In detail, we can divide the weather in Dalat into 2 seasons, which are dry and rainy season. The dry season lasts for about 8 months, from November to June. Therefore, you should choose this period to visit this beautiful land. Moreover, the weather in Dalat from October to the end of November is considered as the best time to travel. And there are a lot of hidden gems of Dalat are await you to explore.

There would surely be changes in the weather. You can feel the coldness in the atmosphere of early morning and late afternoon. In addition, this is the season of ripe persimmons and wild sunflowers. Yellow is stained on the hillside and blooming white mustard flowers cover the other side.  

Wild Sunflowers Hill in Dalat
One of the most famous destinations in Dalat is wild sunflowers hill

Because of its high terrain, weather in Dalat has its own characteristics. The rainy season of Dalat only lasts for three months from July to October. There are rarely sunny days. You only see the rain all day and often concentrate in the evening.

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