Is this possible to visit Da Lat in rain season?

At the altitude of 1500m compared with sea level, Dalat enjoys the cool weather and fresh air all year round even in summer time, the average temperature is approximately 20 degree Celcius. It is the stable weather that makes the “Sapa of the South” among the top places nationwide to travel. Like any other mountainous areas in the Central region, Dalat has two main seasons: dry and wet. The rainy season starts from May to October and the dry season will follow until April of the next year. Though dry season is always better for most of outdoor activities with less rain and cooler weather, rain season still has its own beauty that is impressive for romantic sceneries lovers and is ideal for any to escape from the heat of tropical climate in the North & South in Vietnam


  1. Activities for rainy days:

Normally, the rain may start from the mid-day until evening so we can think about getting up a little earlier than usual to visit several outdoor sites then rest of the day we will “hide” in famous indoor places for its structure and culture. It will be disappointing if we spend the whole day inside your room so let’s follow this rough itinerary as below to make your own plan for these wet days:

Day 1: The Centre Botanical Garden – Cycling/Cyclo Ride around Xuan Huong Lake – Crazy House & Bao Dai Palace No. III or we can call it the Summer Palace

Day 2: The Valley of Love – XQ Embroidery Village – Coffee time

Day 3: Da Lat Train Station – Linh Phuoc Pagoda – Shopping at Da Lat Central Market

Plan customize your Da Lat trip now!




Taking a trip for this wet season in Dalat, you will be surprised to catch a lot of great moments along the pavements, the gardens and the hills slope right in the city center when thousands of sparkling flowers are covered in the mist and in the rain than ever before. It is the mysterious beauty of Dalal that makes this city a magnet for returning tourists.

  1. Places for good food & drink:

On cold and rainy days in Dalat, having great food and then enjoy music in a coffee house will quickly warm up your days. Here is a list of good café for you:

+ Da Lat Night at 4 Dong Da area, Da Lat, Lam Dong.

+ Da Lat train cafe at 1 Quang Trung street, Da Lat, Lam Dong.

+ Windmills coffee, at 133 Phan Dinh Phung Street, Da Lat, Lam Dong.

+ Panorama Café at Trai Mat, Dis. 11, DaLat, Lam Dong

+ Rain Cafe at 24b/1 Hung Vuong, Dalat, Lam Dong


A corner at Dalat Rain Cafe
A corner at Dalat Rain Cafe

And don’t miss these tasty cuisines for your stop during day trip:

+ Bread with pork meatball soups: This is such a popular breakfast cuisine since you can find a lot around the school or entrance to the local markets. The locals here consider this a daily and ordinary breakfast. Unlike other well-known banh mi with egg/meat/vegetables inside of Vietnam, this “banh mi xiumai” is the most unique dish with juicy pork meatball served in a yummy bowl of hot soup.

Address: Hoang Dieu Street; 26 Pham Nhat Duat, Da Lat

+ Noodle Soup: Thick noodle soup is popular in most of the cities/provinces in the Central & South of Vietnam and you can also find this special dish in Dalat. A mixture of handmade thick noodle, a few slices of fish cake and chopped pork’s leg with the coloring of green onion makes the delicious hot soup for lunch time.

Address: 15A Nha Chung Street.

+ Soya bean milk with cakes: You will have various choices of hot milk and cakes if spending time at Da Lat Night Market. After finishing your shopping time, resting at a food stall in the market and enjoy the warmth of this normal drink will be better than ever.

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 Tips to travel in the rain:

+ Do not forget to check the weather forecast to choose the suitable period before your departure to Dalat or any other destinations in our country. You should avoid the serious climate/weather condition such as a storm or heavy rain happening for long hours to enjoy the best of Dalat.

+ Make sure to carry your belongings before getting out to discover the city namely umbrella, hats, waterproof backpack/shoes/jacket/bag for your phone and a light scarf to keep you warm.
+ Avoid adventurous day tours such as hiking, kayaking, visiting waterfall or jungle trekking if you do not want unexpected things during your trip because of the thick fog, the slippery slope and the high level of water.

+ Choose a good hotel for your stay with full of amenities and equipment is a wise choice in case you are stuck in your room for hours. Let’s find the centrally located hotels for a better access to the minimart, café, restaurant/food shop and places of interest to reduce the time transfer for your sightseeing trip.

+ Hiring a van with driver is a better way than a motorbike because the heavy rain will limit your sight while riding a motorbike mostly on slippery roads with a lot of passes and slopes like in Dalat. Traveling by car also keep you dry for the whole trip to enjoy yourself very much.

So it is absolutely possible to choose Dalat as the next destination for your Vietnam trip during this summer. Let’s go and share with us your joyful moments!


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