Pub Street in Siem Reap – The nightlife hub of the town

Siem Reap is well-known by the famous Angkor temple complex throughout the region and the world. However, not because of that reason, it loses the excitement and youthfulness of a tourist city. Pub Street is typical for the bustling nightlife in Siem Reap. It is a walking street with many restaurants, markets, bars, and pubs. 


Pub Street
Pub Street is typical for the bustling nightlife in Siem Reap

Khmer food

First of all, you can see many 2-story houses in Pub Street with various restaurants of Chinese, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mexican, etc. and especially traditional Cambodian food.

Fish amok

Fish amok is considered a typical dish of Cambodia. This greasy curry can be found in almost restaurants’ menus in Pub Street.

To cook this dish, people put pieces of fish fillet into a mixture of coconut milk, eggs, fish sauce, and jaggery. They also added kroeung sauce – a sauce made from crushed spices, turmeric, Thai lemon, lemongrass, and fried onions. Then, traditionally, the dish is steamed in a bowl with banana leaves and served immediately in that leaf.


Fish amok
Fish amok is a traditional Khmer dish

Lok lak Beef

Also considered as a Cambodian specialty, the lok lak consists of soft stir-fried beef strips on the lettuce leaves. It is served with sliced ​​cucumbers, cucumbers and onion rings. Typically, this dish will eat with an omelet.

The highlight of lok lak beef lies in lemon and pepper sauce. This is the sauce with the famous Kampot black pepper making up the taste of this dish.

Cambodian green mango salad

Cambodian green mango salad has always been known for its delight because it is mixed with a lot of punch wine. This salad is delicious, including fresh chopped green mango, peppers, fish sauce, finely chopped tomatoes, and fried onions, onions, pepper, basil or fresh mint. 

Khmer Curry

Due to the use of more aromatic herbs than spices, Khmer curries are softer, sweeter and much less spicy than Thai and Indian curries.

Although the recipe is different, Khmer curries are often cooked with chicken, milk and coconut milk, fish sauce, herbs, and finely chopped sweet potatoes, garlic, dry onions, turmeric, and ginger. You can enjoy this dish with rice or bread.


Khmer curry
Khmer curry served with bread

Sach ko chomkak (Beef or pork skewers)

Coming to Pub Street, you immediately can smell the barbecue from roadside grills. That is the scent of sach ko chomkak, usually grilled beef or pork skewers served with papaya salad or sandwiched on crispy bread.

Grilled insects

In Cambodia, this is a dish of historical significance. In the late 1970s, when Cambodia fell into famine, insects were the main food of the people. Today, insects are a cheap and rich dish of protein, amino acids, and micronutrients, especially good for children.

You can buy it at only US$1. Or if you don’t dare to eat, you can pay US$0.5 to take a photograph of them. 


Insect foods in Pub Street
Let’s discover the collection of insect foods in Pub Street, Cambodia

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Khmer massage

Also, in Pub Street, you can try Khmer massage, the traditional massage of Cambodia. Most of the staff are Cambodian, well-trained in each massage such as cupping, reflexology, etc. The price for massage therapy is affordable, therefore the street is very busy with a huge number of travelers enjoying massage.

There are many kinds of massage for you to choose from in Pub Street. However, after a day of exploring the fatigue, you should think about foot massage with fish relax. Fish massage is popular in many countries as well as in Siem Reap. 

The small fish are released into the tank, performing a massage by exfoliating the dead cells on the skin without making you painful. In addition to relaxing effects, fish massage also helps you treat, especially skin diseases. The price is also very affordable with US$3/20 minutes for foot and US$6/20 minutes for the body.


Fish massage
“Fish can do massage”

You will easily find this type of fish massage at the shops throughout Pub Street as well as at popular markets in Siem Reap.

Siem Reap night markets

Outside, there is a souvenir market with all kinds of items, from clothes, towels, cloth to gold and silver. The price in the market is often said to be “challenging” 2-3 times higher than the selling price.

Siem Reap night markets are divided into two shopping areas: Noon Night market and Angkor Night market. Food and beverage stalls are located on either side of the road. Alternating among souvenir shops are entertainment areas such as spas, small bars, sand paintings

Angkor Night market

The items are too eye-catching, especially souvenirs such as Buddha statues, Bayon statues, Apsara and silver items. Clothes and towels are also attractive items. Buying and selling at the Siem Reap night market are also very comfortable and pleasant. Tourists in Siem Reap can pick up the item or ask for information about the item or bid without buying, the seller does not seem uncomfortable. Of course, if you go to the market, you have to pay the price, the Siem Reap night market is no exception and in the experience of the guide we usually pay the price down to about 50% of the price offered by the seller. Siem Reap Night Market is also a place where you can shop not only for Riel money but also for US dollars.


Angkor night market
Clothes and towels in Angkor night market are also attractive items

Noon Night market

The Noon Night area is more active in dining and entertainment, but there is also no shortage of Cambodian tourist souvenir stalls for guests.

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Pub Street bars

Pub Street is a busy entertainment street. As night begins to descend, the street is flooded with led lights from signs of bars, restaurants, cafes. Just stepping into the beginning of the street you cannot help but swinging and dancing with all kinds of the sound of disco music. On Pub Street, all the shops are “open” on the sidewalk, making all limits seem to be set aside.

Late at night Pub Street becomes more and more exciting when almost every young tourist coming to Siem Reap gathers here to enjoy this bustling atmosphere.


Pub street bars
The night street is flooded with bar led lights

Most of the bars are open all day but they only operate from 5 pm until midnight and even the next morning. A nightlife spot not to be missed when traveling to Siem Reap. Join the busy stream, sip a beer with friends and have a great night out here.

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