Reason to visit Southeast Asia in spring

The vibrant cultures of Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand coming to life together with plenty of colorful blooming flowers in spring season that offers some of the most memorable experiences for travelers make spring the most perfect season to travel in Southeast Asia! Indochina travel

In addition to illuminating the incredible beauty and the diversity of Southeast Asia’s cultures, springtime also brings a stunning opportunity to experience the region at its most beautiful and inspiring. Among them are some of the best reasons to see Southeast Asia before this region welcomes summer.

Sunshine in Vietnam 

Springtime in Vietnam
Springtime in Vietnam – source:

April and May are typically the driest months in Southern Vietnam. Coming to the southern-most cities in Vietnam during the time, while still escaping the heat that the coming months bring, travelers will be definitely guaranteed the sunniest times of the year. After a long and chilly winter, the springtime in the northern Vietnam welcomes the newly warmer weather. The natural beauty of this country is also revealed by the new rains of the season. Offering a great chance for travelers to visit the most stunning destination cities of the country before the heaviest of the summer rains come, the spring season in Vietnam is perhaps one of the most beautiful, and in many frenetic cities like Hanoi, you can even see flowers bloom.

Chaul Chnam Thmey in Cambodia

Chaul Chnam Thmey in Cambodia
Chaul Chnam Thmey in Cambodia – source:

Marked by some of the most vivid religious ceremonies in the heavily Buddhist country, the own New Year’s celebrations of Cambodia is alongside the Songkran Festival of Thailand. With “water blessings” that are obviously not as large as that of Thailand’s, but still common among the locals, the ceremonies are carried out at a large number of temples and shrines throughout the country. Coming to Cambodia during the festivities, travelers will definitely realize people build some small sand hills near temples which are decorated with five flags to represent for the five severe disciplines of Buddha. Tours in Cambodia

Arts Festival in Thailand

Springtime in Chiang Mai
Springtime in Chiang Mai – source:

A nine-day music and arts festival is the way that the Northern city of Chiang Mai says farewell to the dry season and welcomes the coming rains. Not only featuring a jam-packed schedule of interesting traditional musical performances and wonderful art exhibitions, the festival also offers travelers a great opportunity to enjoy amazing cultural demonstrations as well as sample a wide selection of delicious local food. The event plays an important role in cementing the quaint city of Chiang Mai as the art and culture center of Thailand as well as one of the most perfect destinations to visit during the spring season in Southeast Asia.

Beachside Bliss

Spring in Southeast Asia
Spring in Southeast Asia – source:

The months preceding summertime are sometimes thought to be the warmest time of the year in countries like Myanmar and Cambodia. However, this means that if you want to discover the region by boat, it is the perfect time. In spite of the high temperatures and heat waves, do not hesitate to take a cruise up or down the Irrawaddy River and explore the majestic beauty. Make the most of your adventure by exploring the Thai Islands, or the spectacular white beaches of Cambodia.

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