Squid noodles – new attractive thing to taste in Saigon

For many people, the squid noodles may be new, but this article appeared long ago in Saigon and is sold in some shops.

Saigon is considered to have a lot of dishes from all over the country converge. Not only that, the regional cuisine which is also processed by the people in here to the delicacies to suit many palates of diners. In particular, Saigon noodle style dishes, is processed into many different styles, from water noodles, dried noodles, fried noodles … But, each individually retaining the characteristics and flavor private location. So that, you can do new thing by trying strange flavor in squid noodle bowl. Tours Indochina

New flavor in Saigon eater
New flavor in Saigon eater

A fairly simple bowl of noodles including fresh cut pieces of frozen squid , dried squid in broth , minced meat , a little onion , egg prices or sprouts , vegetables daisy , salads … In particular , the quality of food this good or not depends a lot on how to cook soups . Water noodles are cooked from ordinary ink dry ink to a sweet taste and distinct aroma.

When guests ordering food, the bartender will roll a little bit just enough egg noodles in boiling water and pour into a bowl, take 4-5 pieces of frozen squid, quail egg give up, drew water in a saucepan and pour sprinkle green onions, pepper if desired. So was able to bring it home. Vietnam travel tours

Hot bowl of noodle, smoke spiraling entail pervasive smell of ink enough to make anyone were attracted. You give price and raw vegetables in a bowl and enjoy. Now enjoy this dish, you will feel different taste, unlike any ever eaten bowl of noodles over. Do not forget to pick up a piece of ink dots with salt cup lemon pepper and then enjoy one spoon broth to feel each material in food.

Squid noodle is very aromatic
Squid noodle is very aromatic

In Saigon when they are hungry, they will think of noodles and also very easy to find this dish in any restaurants yet, even with all type of noodles mobile vehicle stop sidewalk. Previously, when called noodles, besides ingredients is long stemmed white noodles made from rice flour, the seller will add some sliced meat, some place to add beef or factories sarcophagi. But today, instead of the traditional bowl of noodles with pork only, in Saigon, the noodle dishes are also innovations to people eating more choices, such as squid noodles, mince.

A bowl of this dish
A bowl of this dish

Each row and each type of noodle bars has its own taste and many shop owners have variations and constantly improve the dish, along with the use of materials to fit many tastes of guests. Fill ink noodles with minced meat ingredients are fresh squid slice, mince balls delicious greasy, bare quail eggs boiling water re nine, the attractive part vegetable needs, daisy, price, chives … will give users a new experience.

In Saigon had plenty of places selling ink noodles for 30,000 to 50,000 VND/ a bowl. You can enjoy this in the shop on Phan Xich Long, Phu Nhuan District; Nguyen Dinh Chieu, District 3; Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Tan Binh District…

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