Be a local people – top tips when traveling in Myanmar

Only a short time after the opening, Myanmar has changed very fast, so fast that hardly imagine.

Although there are many indigenous cultures exist in Myanmar, culture occupy key positions are Buddhist and Bamar. Bamar culture has been influenced by the culture of the surrounding water. It is expressed through language, cuisine, music, dance and theater. Art, especially literature, in history has been influenced by the style of Theravada Buddhism in Burma. If considered national epic of Myanmar, Yama Zatdaw, is an adaptation of Ramayana. Indochina tours Myanmar

Myanmar – source:

The monks are the people who are revered throughout of Myanmar. Myanmar is the country which is one of the countries with the most Theravada Buddhism in the world.

The monks is whole of spiritual life
The monks is whole of spiritual life – source:

Myanmar will achieve growth rates of 7-8% / year and become a middle-income country by 2030.

The level of per capita income of Myanmar will triple the current and the country will become a middle-income country by 2030 if beyond the substantial development challenges by continuing the reform program extensive way. Tours in Myanmar

If you want to have a holiday or you want to live in Myanmar, you must know about the standard of living in Myanmar.

  1. Standard in eating:

Myanmar people eat only two meals/ day at 9am and 17pm, lunch snack. On the tray of Myanmar people usually vegetables, shrimp and fish. They said that if the lack of shrimp and fish, they appetite. People do not eat rice with chopsticks Myanmar, in front of each one is a water bath, before eating them to clean their hands, and then use their bare hands to food handling.

Family meals
Family meals – source: live – less –

Increased difficulty eating food Myanmar, Myanmar people usually eat this thing that very dry. You should go to the cafeteria of the Chinese, Thais eat the food or if they go to a restaurant Myanmar Shan, the girls looks beautiful and serves a delicious dishes.

  1. Standard in living:

Myanmar people love birds and nature.

Myanmar people have a strange custom: to become beautiful girl, the 5-year-old daughter must have a belt to the waist, then embroidered belt 30 again. When choosing a girl to the home interior, small loudness of waist circumference daughter is also one of the important criteria for sons Myanmar.

Myanmar girl
Myanmar girl – source:

– When visiting Temple, Tower of Buddha anyone to take off shoes and socks.
– Women are not nearly touching sacred objects in the Buddhist temple or tower or persons dedicated to the Master chanting prayers.
– Do not pile trousers, after a short while visiting the Temple, Tower of Buddha.
– Women are not touched the spiritual monk, while offering up to one towel in his hand on your hand objects to touch the monks.

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