Sticky rice for breakfast in Hanoi

Alongside the world-renowned banh mi and the traditional pho, xoi (sticky rice) has long secured a concrete position on the untouchable breakfast map of anyone who calls Hanoi capital city their home.  Let’s enjoy with: Indochina tours Vietnam. Xoi, easy to find, cheap to purchase, quick to finish, has extended itself in terms of both variety and popularity, each having its own aroma, taste and texture. Let’s get on a journey to try some of the most popular xoi kinds in Hanoi.

Vietnamese sticky rice (Xôi xéo)

Thanks to its rather low price, its fulfillment and palatability, xoi xeo, which is amazingly attractive with its bright yellow color, is a special dish for breakfast, especially with students and manual laborers. Xoi xeo is kept warm in a bamboo basket which the sellers carry on their shoulder or fasten behind the bicycle.



While the origin of the name xeo is still a topic of dispute, Xôi xéo is considered as one of the hardest-to-make xôi, in spite of the fact that it is concocted from ingredients which are very familiar and popular with Vietnamese. The ingredients to make xôi xéo are the same everywhere: glutinous rice, mung bean, turmeric powder, some liquid fat and fried shallot. Anyone who has ever tried xoi xeo can tell immediately what it is made of as it is served right before them.

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