Ta Prohm Temple – All things you should know before visiting in 2022

Among many beautiful temples in Angkor Complex, Ta Prohm temple in Cambodia is one of the most popular and fascinating ones with many ancient trees roots snaking across crumbling stone walls. The place creates a mystical and secretive feeling during your Cambodia tours.


Ta Prohm temple
Ta Prohm is famous for the temples that are overgrown and covered by trees.

Ta Prohm history and facts

The temple was established by Khmer King Jayavarman VII in 1189 to honor the royalty and the first name of the Temple is Rajavihara meaning the Royal Temple. The temple is located in the east of Angkor Thom and over 12 km from the center of Siem Reap. During this time, the temple was used to be a monastery and school of Mahayana Buddism, which hold up nearly 13 thousands people including monks, priests, maids and dancers.

It used to be a monastery and a school of Mahayana Buddism.

Furthermore, the temple was called “Queen’s Tomb” to worship King’s Mother. According to legend, the tomb was placed in four stone walls full of diamonds. It has been said that the treasures of the temple included up to 5 tons of gold dishes, 512 beds, 524 umbrellas, 35 pearls and 454 precious stones.

In 15th century, the capital was destroyed by Siamese, forcing Khmer King left to Phnom Penh. All the jewelries got stolen by the army and there is only holes left nowadays that travelers can see during their visit.

After being taken over, the temple was then covered by the jungle and had been forgotten many centuries until 1860, it was rediscovered by Herri Mouhot, a French botanist.

In 2001, the temple was chosen to be the movie set of Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie playing the main character. Since this movie has gained popularity in many countries, Ta Prohm has been more well- known to the world.


Ta Prohm temple
The roots attach to the sandstone for the water extraction

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Layout and structure

Even though the temple was destroyed very much by Siamese before, Ta Prohm was left much when it was found. The layout of the site is relative simple – a typical Khmer temple, consisting of a number of one-story building.

Having been swallowed by the jungle many centuries ago, the interior temple has continued to be  inhabited by big trees. The interior temple used to be house of many people of royal families.

How to get to Ta Prohm

There are a couple different transportation options when it comes to visiting the temples of Angkor. We’ll review the pros and cons of each transportation option along with pricing.

There are few transportation options to visit Ta Prohm temple. You can consider these below options:

By bicycle

The cheapest way to get around Siem Reap is by bicycle, which may be free at your hotel or hostel or if rented, the rent free is from US$3 – 10 per day depending on types and quality of bike. Please be prepared for a long ride if you want to combine Ta Prohm temple with other temples. Since the weather in Siem Reap is quite hot and humid, please bring enough water with you.

By tuk tuk

Tuk tuk seems to be the most convenient way to get around Cambodia, especially in Siem Reap. You can easily find tuk tuk drivers everywhere along the side of the road in Siem Reap. The price  ranges from US$15- 25 per day for temples located near by the city center.  A tuk tuk can hold up  4 people so you can always split the cost between friends. Most of tuk tuk drivers can speak English and know where to take you to.


Traveling by tuk tuk
Traveling by tuk tuk is the most convenient way

By private car

If your budget allows, the most convenient way is to get a private car with A/C, especially if you are going to visit places far from center such as Kulen Mountain or Beng Mealea. Depending on the number of people in your group and how many temples you visit, the cost is around US$35 – 50 per day. Furthermore, private car is a good way to combine your visit to Ta Prohm temple with Angkor Complex, Roluos group or Beng Mealea.

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Ta Prohm entrance fee

Ta Prohm is included in the temple pass for Angkor Archaeological Park, there is no separate entrance fee to visit temple. Please find further details as below:

  • 1 Day Pass: US37 per person, only valid for 1 day.
  • 3 Day Pass: US$62 per person, valid for seven days from the day you bought your ticket. You can use it to visit the temples on three separate days.
  • 7 Day Pass: US$72 per person, valid for one month from when you bought your ticket. You can use it to visit the temples on seven separate days.

Ta Prohm opening hours

The opening hours of Ta Prohm is from 5:00 am to 18:00 pm. If you want to get away from the crowd, let’s wake up early to see the temple. While most of other people go to Angkor Wat to witness sunrise, you will have much quiet atmosphere here in Ta Prohm. Also, remember to carry your valid ticket with you since it will be checked upon each park entry of the temple.

Ta Prohm Temple at Tonle Bati

Being built the same time with Ta Prohm Temple in Angkor by famous King Jayavarman, Ta Prohm Temple at Tonle Bati was a sanctuary for Hindu deities at the same time. Since the sixth century, this place used to be a Hindu place of worship, which belonged to the maritime “empire”. The temple was located on the road to Tonle Bati, a small lake and popular picnic spot for the locals. You can get there by local buses from Phnom Penh or rent a private vehicle to explore this temple and the surrounding nature.


Ta Prohm Temple at Tonle Bati
Ta Prohm Temple at Tonle Bati was a sanctuary for Hindu deities

Travel tips to Ta Prohm

  • What to wear in Cambodia? During your visit to temple, make sure your legs and shoulders are covered.
  • Since Cambodia is hot all year around, make sure to bring enough water with you.
  • Wearing good walking shoes during your visit in all temples in Angkor.
  • You can get to the temple and visit it by yourself, but it is always much better to have a guide escorted to explain everything for you. It would be much more meaningful for your exploration.
  • Wearing colored clothes will give you a good picture as it is against the dark grey backgrounds.

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Happy travelling!


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