Thadingyut, festival of lights in Myanmar you must see

In the Myanmar calendar, Thadingyut means the seventh month (waso) and at the end of the Buddhist lent. Thadingyut Festival is celebrated during the three days (the day before full moon day, the full moon day & the day after full Moon day). It will be on the day of 26th, 27th, and 28th in October. Every year at this time, travelers to travel Myanmar will have the opportunity to participate in the festival of the Myanmar people. Essence of Myanmar tour

Thadingyut Festival
Thadingyut Festival

The festival is held at pagodas but most attractive in Yangon and Inle which are also famous places to visit in Burma. The celebration of this festival is to memorize the day Buddha returned from heaven.

It has said that Queen Mayadevi who died after giving birth to Budda was reborn in heaven. To express gratitude to his mother, the Budda went to heaven and spent three months there, preaching the Abhidhamma to his mother goddness and the other gods. After end of the Lent when is on full moon day, the Buddha came back to the human world. And people welcome him by lighting candles and celebrating party. For a long time, it has become the festival of light that is indispensible in the spiritual life of the Burma people. Tours Indochina Myanmar 

At the festival, Myanmar people decorate their homes and the streets with lantern, candles or electric bulbs. The streets are full of stalls, bands and theatre performances for free entertainment and people are crowded near those concerts. During the festival, people with gifts or longyi presented to the elders show their respect for them.

People lit candles during the festival
People lit candles during the festival

Thadingyut is not only a joyous festival but also the sacred time for all the people reflecting the traditional gratitude of the Myanmar people. Now, it has become a tradition and a spiritual festival of the country and also one of reasons to travel to Myanmar, especially for those who love exploring traditional culture of the country.


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