Thai Cuisine: unique and exquisite

Cuisine is part of Thailand’s special traditional culture. The hospitality, intimacy in communication of Thai natives and Thai food culture make Thai cuisine become familiar destination to everybody all over the world. Each Thai dish is perfect blend of sour, spicy, salty, sweet flavor and sometimes bitter taste. Let’s travel with: Indochina tours to enjoy Thai cuisine

General features of Thai cuisine:

Thai food culture is a combination of Eastern and Western cuisine, especially neighboring countries such as India, Indonesia, Myanmar, China … It is a delicate blend of herbs, fresh food and mixed spice creating an extraordinary food style through the centuries.

Thai cuisine unique and exquisite

Thai people usually use aromatic vegetables, also known as herbs (clove, saffron, coriander, basil, mint leaves, ginger, chili, citronella, lemon leaves …) to cook dishes, which not only increases flavor to the food but also be good for health. The color of the dishes are extremely attractive and eye-catching with the color of fruits and vegetables. It is a mixture of different color from vegetables and spices such as: red peppers, yellow turmeric, purple beetroot, green leaves of pineapple. Thailand travel tours

Thai people use a lot of herbs

Features of Thai cuisine according to regions

Referring to Thai cuisine, each region has its own characteristics in traditional culinary processing.

Northern Region: influenced from Myanmar, Northern cuisine is usually well done, less spice, less chilli and almost no sweet and sour. Sticky rice is the favorite food here with many kinds of sauces (namprik noom, namprik dang, namprik ong), various kinds of spicy soup (gang hang le, gang hoh, gang kae). Popular dishes are: kaeng hang le: curry made from pork, ginger, tamarind, turmeric and khao soy: curry including egg noodles, meat, onion, cabbage and vinegar, lemon leaves. Northern people in Thailand like to eat pork the most, followed by beef, chicken, duck, bird… Seafood here is rare.

Mango sticky rice
Mango sticky rice- source: internet

Northeastern Region: inspired from Laos cuisine, rice is the main dish in Northeastern Region, combined with meat, pork’s blood, papaya salad, grilled fish, roasted chicken… Fish is the main source of protein in this region. Northeast native in Thailand love to eat fried meat such as frogs, lizards, snakes, hamsters, red ants, insects … Moreover, pigs, cows and chickens are also popular here.

Fried insects in Thailand

Central Region: Central Region cuisine is combination of the best dishes from different areas. In main meals, people in Central Region of Thailand are usually in favor of rice along with average from 3 to 5 dishes such as gang phed (Thai red curry), tom yum (sour soup), vegetables, fish sauce, herring, Thai-styled omelet, grilled pork…

Southern Cuisine: Southern Cuisine is impacted by Indian and Indonesian food culture such as kaeng matsaman, Indian-styled curry cooked with cardamom, clove, cinnamon and grilled barbecue sauce with spicy peanut sauce derived from Indonesia. Southern residents of Thailand usually cook very chilli dish, use a lot of spices. Specific soup are curry soup, li liang, pla tai pla, khao yam including rice mixed with budu sauce. Fresh seafood are popular such as fish, shrimp, lobster, crab, squid, oysters and clams.


Not only famous for unique Golden Pagoda architecture, but Thailand also put a name on food map all over the world. International visitors who tasted Thai cuisine once would never forget special Thai flavor.

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