Is Thanaka truly a traditional sun cream of Burmese women?

If you have ever come to Myanmar, surely you see on the streets of Yangon, Mandalay, Nay Pyi Taw … images of girls with white faces appear as mud or white painted. That is because they use charcoal powder thanakha – a unique “cosmetic” of Myanmar. It is the unique charcoal thanakha. If you are female and have the opportunity to set foot in Myanmar, do not miss the opportunity to try powder thanaka help protect the skin before the sunshine of the tower country. Thanaka – A Beauty Secret Of Burmese Women will tell you an amazing story about this unique comestic. To get more information, please view:  Indochina tours Myanmar

Thanaka, traddition beauty and culture of Burmese
Thanaka, traddition beauty and culture of Burmese- source: internet

Visitors can easily see on the cheeks and forehead of women, children here are wearing a strange yellow powder. The powder is thickly embossed or carefully painted into various patterns. That is thanaka, a powder made from the bark of a local tree species, actually a wood pulp of Thanaka, which is a woody plant, growing in many parts of Myanmar, for its great benefits, which Thanaka is considered a specialty of the land of the pagoda. It is used to make-up on the face as a way to express traditional national pride.

Local people make thanaka from thanaka wood
Local people make thanaka from thanaka wood- source: internet

After harvesting, Thanaka’s logs were cut short enough, then the Burmese women grinded the short trunks into slabs of water that were soaked or watery. With the cooling and cleansing properties of the powder, after finishing the sanding is very soft and soft, the women of Myanmar will use Thanaka to apply to the face or areas exposed to sunlight as a way to prevent the UV rays effectively. Myanmar travel packages

Thanaka dates back to the fourteenth century, when people put or knead this powder on the face daily to soften the skin and protect the face from the dazzling sunshine of Burma. Gradually thanaka has become the way the women of Myanmar make their own makeup, which is as important as that of the ladies of the West.

The gold solution is applied to the eyebrows and cheek with a coarse bristle brush, which creates light lines on the face. The smell of the coal is very light, almost like the smell of lemon grass and leave a feeling of itchy skin. Thanaka is also applied on the neck, across the collarbone and even to the ear. Nearly all skin that is exposed to the sun will be covered with this powder. This is a long tradition of the locals, and the powder blends naturally with the skin.

Thanaka on the cheek of litte Burmese girl
Thanaka on the cheek of litte Burmese girl- source: internet

Burmese people not only regard charcoal as a kind of beauty cosmetic. Thanaka powder also has a significant other significance to Burmese. For them, applying charcoal to the face will help them avoid evil spirits and bad luck. This type of powder is believed to bring good luck to those who use it. The practice of applying charcoal on the face is not only to beautify the Burmese, it is a characteristic traditional culture.

Thanaka is the unique cultural traddition of Burmese
Thanaka is the unique cultural traddition of Burmese- source: internet

From the bright golden temple to the vast fields reflecting the sunshine, Myanmar is the land of beautiful scenery. But one of the most charismatic features does not appear in every landscape, but on the faces of the people here. Those who have come to the country of Myanmar pagoda, besides overwhelmed by the beauty of the temple, a mystery about the beauty of women Myanmar with thanaka on the cheek has become an anecdote, as a gift story.

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