The 10 Budget Destinations To Travel In Thailand in 2018

There are multiple ways to save money on a wonderful travel to Thailand from Canada: Going on a Thailand group tour with friends or family and being flexible with your flight dates can trim costs exponentially while creating a budget and sticking to it and renting an apartment instead of having to get two rooms, can save you hundreds.

These are all great ideas to save money on a trip to Thailand, but if you are more flexible, you could simply visit one of the top 10 spots that made the best affordable destinations in the Land of Smiles ranking.

Bangkok – where featured cultural value blended into modern life


Bangkok – where featured cultural value blended into modern life
Bangkok – where featured cultural value blended into modern life

Undoubtedly, the biggest appeal for budget – if not all Canadian travelers – to the capital city of Thailand is the abundance of amazing street food on offer at a really cheap price. From Tom Yum Goong – a spicy and sour prawn based soup and crispy pork belly (khao moo krob) to spicy Thai salad (yum woon sen) and mango sticky rice (khao niew moon or khao niew ma muang), the top rank on the list of the biggest foodie destinations in the world can make even the pickiest eaters happy. One thing for sure, eating hundreds of delicious dishes in a space of a tailor-made tour in Bangkok will not break your bank.

Once you are in Bangkok, public transportation like BTS Sky Train or MRT is a great way to get around. You can travel around for 140 baths (USD $4.48) with a day pass – which is honored by the national metro line system. In addition, it is still possible to find a five-star accommodation at a bargain price. Much of the city’s appeal lies in getting great deals on luxury digs for a fraction of the price you will pay elsewhere.

Chiang Mai – a lesser-heard-of city


Chiang Mai – a lesser-heard-of city
Chiang Mai – a lesser-heard-of city

There is a historical reality there – the city boasts of a wide array of activities for travel enthusiasts of all types. Little humidity and lower temperature in a place sitting at a higher altitude than most cities in the country means that you can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities all day long. Whether it is to realize the Northern Thailand’s charm, to visit some elaborate Buddhist temples like the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Temple and the Wat Chedi Luang Temple, to take part in something that will kick your adrenaline up, or simply to chill out in this laidback city, Chiang Mai is a place to visit.

Do not be that person who misses out on one of the most budget-friendly destinations in Thailand.


Koh Phangang – a hub for exciting nightlife
Koh Phangan – a hub for exciting nightlife

Kanchanaburi – a main site of the Second World War

Despite gaining its recognition of the tragic history of Thailand during World War II, Kanchanaburi is actually a blend of historical sightseeing opportunities as well as natural spots to take in the country’s unique charm. There are several great things about traveling to this city in Western Thailand – something of a breather from the metropolitan sprawl of heady Bangkok. First of all, it is only a 2- to 3-hour drive from Bangkok, so traveling does not take too long from the hub of culture and activities. Secondly, the enchanting town of Kanchanaburi should be such a great spot for Canadian travelers of all kinds; from nature lovers to history buffs.

Koh Phangan – a hub for exciting nightlife


Koh Chang – Phuket's lesser-known sister
Koh Chang – Phuket’s lesser-known sister

There is something for everyone to enjoy in Koh Chang – Phuket’s lesser-known sister. One of the best family-friendly bargains to be had here is a day spent at the beach. And if you choose a beach, you will definitely enjoy the relaxing vibe of “The Island of Relaxation”. What to do on Koh Chang Island? Enjoy party going on until night at Lonely Beach, take a trip out to Mu Koh Chang National Park for jaw-dropping hiking routes and impressive views of the crystal blue waters, or spot the wildlife and cool off in the waterfalls!

What to do if you really want to travel more this year 2018, but do not really have the money to make it happen? Why not consider the 10 best budget destinations in Thailand and you may be able to take a vacation well within your means.

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