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CNN Travel has chosen Myanmar as this year must-see destination and Myanmar totally deserves it.

Myanmar, used to be Burma, sits at the crossroads of Asia’s great civilizations of India and China, facing Indian Ocean, next to Thailand and Laos. It stretches from the sparkling islands of the south Andaman Sea to the Eastern Himalayan mountain range.  Indochina tours Myanmar
Today Myanmar remains one of the most mysterious and undiscovered destinations in the world, with breathtaking beauty and charm.

Myanmar’s map
Myanmar’s map

The best time to visit Myanmar is from November to February, when it is cool and dry. From March to May, the weather is dry and rather hot. The rainy season lasts from June to October, with high humidity and the weather is hot.

Myanmar experiences monsoons and wild storms from May until early October. Heavy rains often occur in the afternoons and evenings, and flooding and landslides cut off many regions. Coastal resorts may be inaccessible during this time, and Ngapali Beach may be closed then. River travel may also be difficult in this period. Myanmar travel packages

Ngapali Beach
Ngapali Beach

From March to May, the temperature often soars to over 40°C, in combination with the high humidity, it will be inconvenient to visit Myanmar this time.

Please remember that during the peak months of November to February are the busiest, and flights and accommodation are likely to be booked up far in advance.

Remember to wear trousers longer than knee and sleeved shirts when you go to temples and pagodas in Myanmar. In some temples and pagodas, women are not allowed to stand close to Buddish statues, and not permitted to stand in the male areas, they are not allowed to paste gold paper to spiritual objects in the pagoda. Please leave your shoes in the entrance before entering the pagodas and temples.

Shwedagon Pagoda
Shwedagon Pagoda

Myanmar is rich in gemstone, such as rubi, jade and emerald, which are sold in shops and markets in large cities. You should bargain before buying anything. It is better that you purchase gemstone in licensed shops to assure goods’ quality, and submit receipt of your purchase to custom officers at the airports. Handicrafts and souvenirs are mostly related with religions, which are made from gemstone, wood, bronze, or silver. Stone products are produced in Mandalay – the royal capital of Myanmar, and silver products are made in Ywataung.
Telephone and internet are not popular in Myanmar. Sim card GMS can be bought in hotels or commercial centers, and you must show your passport in order to buy a sim card. Some hotels and some cafes have internet connection but at high cost.

For travel, motorbike is banned in the largest city of Myanmar, therefore, you can not hire a motorbike to go around. Taxi is not available. Alternatively, you can hire a cyclo to discover the place and the life of local people. For safety reason, you are recommended to go in groups in public places and do not go out in late hours at night.

Let’s arrange your schedule to visit Myanmar, a mysterious place in the world. With more than 100 ethnic groups, thousand temples and pagodas, stunning mountain and beach resorts, your visit to Myanmar will be unforgettable.

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