Things to know before traveling to Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the most beautiful countries on the bucket list of many people. You will absolutely fall in love the happy, smiling Cambodian people if it is not for the many travel awards Siem Reap continually wins for having the Angkor Wat complex, one of the most must-visit attractions in the world. They try their best to make your trip a beautiful experience that you cannot forget. But, like any holiday, to get the most out of it, it is important to be prepared and learn all you can before you arrive. Here are things you need to know before traveling to Cambodia:

Cambodia Travel Tip #1: Getting around with tuk tuks

Tuk tuk in Cambodia
Tuk tuk in Cambodia-source: Internet

Tuk tuks are the popular means of transport that people use to get around in Cambodia. Your hotel may send a tuk tuk to pick you up at the airport. Tell the hotel to be sending you two tuk tuks if you have a family of four people or more. One tuk tuk is not enough for four people together with luggage. If not by tuk tuk, most hotels offer a free airport pick-up and drop-off by car. But beyond that, getting around in a tuk tuk, which is such a great way to get right amongst the action, is what everyone chooses. If your accommodation or hotel does not offer free tuk tuk rides (a fair few do), then the majority of trips around this town should cost $2 USD one way, or $3 USD if you go a bit farther outside of town. Know that this is the going rate, and you can easily hop out and say you will just get another one if some cheeky drivers try to get more out of you. You can travel to Cambodia through Indochina travel

Cambodia Travel Tip #2: There are not a great deal of Family Accommodation in Cambodia

Family accommodation
Family accommodation-source: Internet

Since family travellers are very seasonal (school holidays), Siem Reap is not really set up with family facilities. Which is true — there are not really any hotels with playgrounds or kids clubs. But that does not mean that it is impossible to experience a happy time there with children of all ages. To make the most of it, be sure to choose a place that has a pool together with spacious rooms, and other interesting activities for kids to enjoy. Some offer cooking classes, pool tables (for older kids) as well as other activities. Also, it is possible to do all of these things outside your hotel. So there is so much you can do while it may not be a big family destination.

Cambodia Travel Tip #3: Ensure to visit temples really early

Sunrise at the Angkor Wat
Sunrise at the Angkor Wat-source: Internet

While you are in Cambodia, temples, especially the world famous complex of the Angkor Wat, and the temple appearing in the movie Tomb Raider, Ta Prohm, are a must visit. It is ideal to experience the sunrise tours very early in the morning (i.g. 4:30-5:30am pickup), before the heat of the day raises too high. You will definitely be covered in sweat if returning from temple tours at lunchtime or later. For those who travel with children, they will not last long with such humid and hot conditions! Even though sunrise tours can be extremely busy as many travellers do opt for them for photo opportunities, it is better than the heat. Don’t dispair if you visit Siem Reap during wet season, the temples, and this town looks so charming in the rain! It really brings out the gorgeous colors hiding underneath.

Cambodia Travel Tip #4: Enjoy the exciting nightlife!

Cambodia nightlife
Cambodia nightlife-source: Internet

Like other humid and hot countries, Cambodia comes to real life at night. Plenty of night markets, people and lights appear making the nightlife absolutely exciting. It is a completely must even if you just take a tuk tuk ride around town. Take in all that Cambodia has to offer: it is very hard to leave after having spent almost a few weeks there. If you want to extend your visa beyond your initial 30 days, you can have a travel agent do it. Ask your accommodation or hotel for an agency they trust, and it will be done within a week. In case they happen to go missing, just make sure to have copies of all your passports before you hand them over. Expect to pay $45 USD if you want to extend your visa.

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