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Da Lat night market is one of the places where you can enjoy the most typical snacks of the country of thousands of flowers, like baked roll, soy milk, grilled goods … You can try some food in night when visiting night market. Tours Indochina Vietnam

Potatoes, grilled corn: Right from the start the market, towards the roundabout Ho Xuan Huong, you can see the shop selling corn, potato, bake and boiled corn seed duck.

In the iron will of the weather night, enjoy one left corn, sweet potato garden, hot hand is a great choice.


The warm water dishes like crab vermicelli, noodles, noodles: Towards night, Da lat climate as the fresh, cool air, so the most of the dishes in Da Lat are all warm dishes and taste slightly pale, spicy. If the stomach is rumbling and looking for a dish to make evening, you can visit the culinary range is located at the entrance to the market left to enjoy crab vermicelli noodles. Vietnam travel packages

Vietnamese -style pizza: is one of the most popular delicacies in Da lat. Cheap, delicious, again with cold, baked onion bread, quail eggs, minced meat, roasted cloves, chili charcoal fire is always delicious dishes on the list of items not to be missed by many children.

Vietnamese – style pizza in Da Lat market
Vietnamese – style pizza in Da Lat market

Porridge, sausage soup “quay”: Porridge is also a warm dishes stomach lining that you can consider. In Da lat , barely cooked porridge , served with dumplings, pork congee porridge quẩy … The sale also add enough bread fruit cake as rubber, sponge cake, pie pepper …

Soymilk: Soymilk hot selling across the market. If you want just watching the bustling night market atmosphere, you can get to choose products with soy milk pot on the terraced row.

It would be great when it is cold is applied between the glass of warm milk on the cheek, inhaling smoke, and the smoke leisurely sip warm milk.

Crab soup, sticky corn: You can also look at street vendors in the market to enjoy a bowl of crab soup hot, thicken, fragrant; a boiled sweet potato, or a plate of green beans with onion away.

Crab soup in Da Lat
Crab soup in Da Lat

Mixed skewer : Besides potatoes, grilled corn, grilled mixed range bar with choices like meat, ribs, vegetables, frogs, shrimp, fish, chicken feet, beef guise leaves … cheap, spicy aroma is also much young love.

Mixed skewer in Da Lat night market
Mixed skewer in Da Lat night market

Yogurt: Right on the steep stairs leading onto the walk is a “paradise” with enough delicious dishes from crab noodle, duck soup, sorghum, soy milk, baked roll, baked potatoes … and even yogurt Da lat. Jar of yogurt is not cold but it is warm, not porous but smooth plastic and fat of butter.

You can try some food below and have nice experience.

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