Things to see in Myanmar

Myanmar is an extremely interesting destination for those who love adventure tourism because this country is still untouched. Indochina tours


Land of Buddhism

Other Myanmar with Thailand and Cambodia because there is no cheap tour, not much fun, recreational, so that Myanmar is not the destination of many tourists Vietnam .

We arrived at Yangon International Airport when the city lights up. Procedures for entry and exit at Yangon International airport rather quickly.

Yangon is pretty busy street and intriguing for visitors from Vietnam. In Yangon, motorcycle unauthorized circulation and right-hand drive cars, but go right like in Vietnam. A few days traveling in Yangon was little traffic and very crowded. Myanmar travel tour

Yangon also preserve the architecture of colonial Britain should buildings, looks pretty old villa, perhaps because little is invested repair. Yangon not poetic and romantic as other tourist cities, but simple strokes on the street brings somewhat friendly to all guests.

Yangon city
Yangon city

Leaving aside all the hard work behind the journey lasts through 2 flight we were up to visit the famous Golden temple in Yangon, Shwedagon called, built over 2,500 years ago, is considered the splendid temples and the oldest in the world.

At night, the scenery brilliant Golden Temple with light radiating from the tower wide yellow and shimmering , magical between a pure space . All the anxiety, depression between the life as gently vanish when visiting temples in this sacred gold.

Shwedagon Golden Temple is the main symbol of Yangon, where Save 8 hairs of Gautama Buddha with robes, sticks of Buddhas and 3 of Tripitaka. Construction was started from about the 6th century and underwent various periods, to the 15th century, officially became Shwedagon Pagoda temple in Myanmar’s most spectacular with about 80 tons of gold was up around the tower gold plated after decades.

Bagan is quite calm, quiet, temperature around 17 degrees Celsius outside Amid quiet scene of early morning, suddenly heard a clatter on the road carriage so merrily. On the small road is just enough for one lane of cars, few tourists “backpacker” he walked. Perhaps, they go sunrise in Bagan, an interesting experience that international visitors to Bagan are not to be disappointed.

Bagan city
Bagan city

The red-dirt road and bright sunlight does not seem to discourage the Western tourists when they are cycling roamed explore ancient lands and monuments around the Bagan temples. Guests also can enjoy the fun of his discovery in a carriage, a relatively common means in this ancient city tourism.

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