Tips to visit markets in Can Tho

Can Tho, known as the “West Capital” of Mekong Delta, is a must-visit destination. The city is not as crowded and noisy as Hanoi or HCMC but it truly reflects the local life in Mekong Delta. What do you expect to see in Can Tho? One of those should be distinct commercial activities taking place everyday in markets. Below we offer top tips to visit markets in Can Tho.

  1. “Stay awake” in Cai Rang floating market

Cai Rang floating market has become a popular destination for tourists in Can Tho. Located near Cai Rang Bridge, Cai Rang floating market is about 6km away from the central of Can Tho. So why you need to “stay awake” during such market visit? Firstly, the market starts very soon at 5 in the morning so you need to stay awake to see how it works. It turns to be most crowded at 8am and ends around 10am. Secondly, to travel along the market, tourists could buy boat tickets from Ninh Kieu pier or going to Cai Rang Bridge area by car then hire a boat from agencies there. So staying awake to wear the life jacket and sit safely on boat in case you are still sleepy. Travel Indochina Vietnam

A boat selling vegetable in floating market
A boat selling vegetable in floating market – Source: Internet.

Lastly, tourists will be surprised with the number of boats and goods as well as commercial activities taking place in Cai Rang floating market. The local exchange almost everything from vegetable, fruits to textile, garment and etc. Certainly you can negotiate and buy whatever you like! Having breakfast on boat in the floating market is an unforgettable experience. So staying awake to enjoy and take lovely pictures. Tours in Vietnam

Having breakfast in Cai Rang floating market worth your trying
Having breakfast in Cai Rang floating market worth your trying – Source: Internet.
  1. Try street foods in Ninh Kieu night market

Back to Can Tho central, night markets are what you cannot miss. Ninh Kieu night market, located very close Ninh Kieu pier, open from 5pm to about 11pm everyday. Tourists can find several goods in the night market, such as clothes, souvenirs, fruits and street foods. Due to the diversity of local cuisines selling along streets in the night market, tourists can easily try lots of dishes with reasonable prices, about US$1 for a dish. If you want to know what the local’s favorite street foods are, visit Ninh Kieu night market. And it is better to go there with an empty stomach.

Food stalls in Ninh Kieu night market
Food stalls in Ninh Kieu night market – Source: Internet.
  1. Bargain in Cai Khe market

Cai Khe Commercial Center is among the largest markets in Can Tho. Cai Khe market offers a various choice of goods such as household stuff, bags, textile, garment, accessories, foods and drinks and etc.. This is also a wholesale address for businesses inside Can Tho and in other nearby towns, leading to higher retail prices. So when you want to buy something in Cai Khe market, feel free to bargain down 10-20%. In case the sellers insist on their prices, don’t hesitate to walk around as you can find lower prices for the similar products.

A side street of Cai Khe market
A side street of Cai Khe market – Souce: Internet.
  1. Check out the shopping malls

In addition to the floating market and local wholesale markets, there are several supermarkets and shopping malls, typically, BigC, Lotte, Sense City, Vincom and etc., where you can look for high-end products and quality services. They also include lot of popular brands for foods and drinks, cinemas, clothing and etc.. However, famous cosmetic or clothing brands in shopping malls offer higher prices, except sale time, for their products as they are all imported. So it is not a wise choice to buy these goods as souvenirs.

Vincom Xuan Khanh in Can Tho
Vincom Xuan Khanh in Can Tho – Source: Internet.

So now you have general ideas on markets and shopping malls in Can Tho and also useful tips for shopping there. Why don’t you go and check out the vibrant life in Can Tho.

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