Top 10 Budget Destinations to Travel In Thailand in 2018 (part 2)

If your New Year’s resolution is to get out and see the world, or at least Indochina, you can go on a memorable travel in Thailand without busting your budget, simply by choosing a place well known as much for its affordability as it is for its wide variety of tourist attractions.Every year, millions of people from all over the globe travel to Thailand, which stands out, even in a region of budget-friendly destinations. While Bangkok and Chiang Mai are always a great time, the sooner you travel to Thailand from Canada, the more of it you will see. Splash out, relax and enjoy.

Krabi – a haven for island-hopping

Krabi - a haven for island-hopping
Krabi – a haven for island-hopping

Krabi is home to miles of famed white sandy beaches and a playground for adventure seekers, giving Canadian travelers plenty to do day or night. If you are traveling with kids, head to the marvelous Klong Thom Hot Springs for a healing dip in the warm water. If you are traveling with adventure lovers, do not miss the inhabited and small islands of Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh. If you are traveling with adults, one of the many massage parlors in Krabi is a natural draw. What can be better than zoning out into a blissful semiconscious state after a day of fun under the sun?

However, make sure to budget before you go and know your limits – While the sightseeing tour on the Four Islands – Chicken, Tup, Poda, and Phra Nang is at minimal cost, a luxury sunset cruise along the coastline of Krabi is a good way to lose a lot of money quickly.

Trang Archipelago – the world’s best-hidden beaches

Trang Archipelago – the world’s best hidden beaches
Trang Archipelago – the world’s best-hidden beaches

A magnificent province located on the west coast of Thailand, Trang Archipelago is where the natural wonder is apparent at every turn because of all the islands, beautiful beaches, and stunning sights around. From the Koh Mook Island, where many charming resorts are available to Koh Rok Nai, which is ringed by a sprawling coral reef submerged just a few meters below the water’s surface, Trang is an archipelago full of surprise and excitement!

Dragging yourself away from your beachfront hammock and you will find plenty of exciting activities to amuse yourself in Trang’s paradise. Rent a boat to discover the life of dugongs in Koh Libong for just a small sum of money, ride a bike along the Koh Sukorn’s single 17-km road passing undulating rice paddies, coconut trees, and groves of rubber, or explore the pristine Marokok Cave with fantastic colors.

Loei – where to go for an incredible range of natural attractions

Loei – where to go for an incredible range of natural attractions
Loei – where to go for an incredible range of natural attractions

This western province in Thailand has a wealth of spectacular natural attractions to spend your time on, with a natural wonder to suit everyone’s taste. Like your morning spent in a gorgeous national park? Want rock gardens, caves, cliffs, and viewpoints while you bask in natural splendor? Is trekking your thing? Are you in the mood for an evening drink? Whatever kind of activity you are looking for on your Indochina tours, you will find it here in Loei Province.

Chiang Rai – the hidden gems of Thailand

Chiang Rai – the hidden gems of Thailand
Chiang Rai – the hidden gems of Thailand

The benign attractions! Perhaps, there is no other province can offer the range of benign sites that the northernmost province of the country – a spot in the Golden Triangle (the region bordering Myanmar and Laos) does. Chiang Rai’s relaxed pace, an array of spectacular temples, and budget accommodations make it a perfect place to base yourself for a few days (or even longer) if you have time to add the tranquil Northern Province to your Thailand tours’ itinerary. If you just plan to visit Wat Rong Khun (White Temple) and Baan Dam Museum (Black House / Black Temple), I guess it can be a bargain. When you have got your breath back, head to the legendary golden Clock Tower that serves as a traffic roundabout in the city center!

Sukhothai – home to a myriad of partially rebuilt, grandiose palaces and temples

249 miles north of the capital city, Sukhothai in Central Thailand is a perfect spot for budget travelers, where for as little as USD $3 a night you can bag a great guest house. Much of the western province’s allure lies in exploring its famous historic ruins in Sukhothai Historical Park, which, unsurprisingly, is a UNESCO World Heritage site on foot and experiencing for yourself the juxtaposition between old and new Sukhothai.

Home to the legendary budget destinations to visit in 2018, Thailand is constantly buzzing with things to do. While hotels and restaurants, even in the heart of the big city will charge a pretty penny for their strategic locations, food here still costs less than other world’s travel destinations. How can you miss the Land of Smiles on your Indochina journey?

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