Top 10 Cambodia cuisine you must try
Cambodian food is deeply influenced by neighborhood cuisines such as China and India; however, it still remains its unique taste and presentation. When visiting this beautiful country, you should be eager to discover its cuisine elite because you will be taken to a surprise of how delicate and diverse the food is. Enjoy Cambodia food with: Indochina tours
Cambodian ducks

Cambodian soft boiled eggs
Cambodian soft boiled eggs- source: internet

Cambodian is known to be a country raising a lot of duck, therefore, duck and its products become a typical food here. Cambodia is renowned for naturally rich duck meat and soft-boiled duck’s eggs. Duck’s eggs here are known to be super delicious and full of yolk. You can easily catch sight of soft-boiled eggs on the street which is pricked into a stick and sprinkled with some salt and pepper. When you see these eggs, don’t forget to give it a try!

Steamed Amok fish

Colorful steamed Amok fish, a national dish of Cambodia
Colorful steamed Amok fish, a national dish of Cambodia- source: internet

This dish is a must once you have a chance to fly to this gorgeous destination. It is considered to be a traditional dish of Cambodia. The ingredients to build up the dish is pretty easy to get which includes fish (snake head fish, catfish or mullet), local herbs such as Frohock sauce, jaggery, intestinal leaves, coconut juice, egg, etc. All of these ingredients combine together to pop up the flavor uniquely and beautifully. It is often wrapped in a banana leaf which is shaped into a cup and steamed later. This dish brings taster a full mix of distinguished flavors. It will be the best if it is eaten with some rice to balance and calm the sauce’s taste down. Cambodia travel tours

Dry fried insects

Dry fried insects sold on Cambodian street
Dry fried insects sold on Cambodian street- source: internet

That’s right, you do not mishear anything. Cambodia is well-known for its insane dish: insects. They can be spiders, crickets, ant’s eggs or belostomatids, etc which are cooked in various ways from fry, steam, vinegar soaking. However, the best version should be dry fried insects. You probably get goose-flesh for the first time you see it but once you try it you will be obsessed by the buttery, crunchy taste of this national dish.

Nam Vang noodle

A bowl of Nam Vang noodle
A bowl of Nam Vang noodle- source: internet

Nam Vang noodle is pretty noted and favored by a huge number of tourists when they come to visit Cambodia. It offers naturally appealing taste with rich broth got from simmered pig’s legs, sweetness from dried squid, noodles, chopped pork, shrimp, etc. Even though for Asian, Nam Vang noodles is not an unfamiliar dish but we have to admit that each area or country has its own distinctive flavor.

Khmer beef salad

Khmer beef salad is known to be a favorite dish of both Cambodian and travelers owning to its special taste. This is a combination of four typical tastes: sweetness, sourness, spiciness, saltiness. All of these flavors are well balanced to wow tourists for the first time trying it. Basically, the main ingredients for this one are beef which thinly slides up or steeped with some lemon juice. Besides, it is topped with some lemongrass, dried onion, garlic, other local herbs and a bit of fish sauce which bring back to tasters an unforgettable impression.

Nom Banh Chok (curry noodles)

Nom Banh Chok with rich, buttery broth and tasty toppings
Nom Banh Chok with rich, buttery broth and tasty toppings- source: internet

As a matter of fact, Nom Banh Chok is regarded as a special delicacy of Cambodia, containing the national spirit of this country. Tourists can easily get a glimpse of hawkers on the street selling Nom Banh Chok steaming up. If you see any sign of Nom Banh Chok, don’t hesitate to sit on the pavement and try the dish. This kind of curry noodles is eaten along with a basket of fresh vegetables including banana flowers, papaya, lotus, cowpea, water dropwort, mint leaves, lemon, chili and other domestic herbs. The interesting thing here is that the bowl of noodle will be covered with a big lotus leaf which will keep the dish intact and smell fabulous. Additionally, the specified broth is a must to complete this Cambodian noodles. Nom Banh Chok is seasoned with rich, buttery curry white fish and light, nourishing pork broth which balance and add more flavors to the noodles.

Khmer Muslim Beef Curry

Yes, it is another national curry dish. However, this is a bit spicy because it consists of chilis. Khmer Muslim Beef Curry is often cooked in several holidays or ceremonies such as wedding, family meeting and other Cambodian religious holidays in order to serve on the altar for their ancestors. It is simply a chunk of beef simmered well until it becomes super tender in a red sauce which made of coconut juice, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, onions, palm sugar, peppers. Some potatoes and carrots can also be added to finalize the taste. It is served as a dipping sauce for bread to make an appealing, delicious sandwich.

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