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What would you think of first when it comes to Ho Chi Minh city? Is it an excited city full of motorbikes? Or is it a culinary city with a variety of tasty cuisines? Yes! That’s it – the heart of the South region.

But how about other provinces close to it? They are also interesting destinations you shouldn’t miss! So below are the top 3 best day trips from Ho Chi Minh city, just check it out!

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Cu Chi Tunnel

Cu Chi Tunnel is named after its town located about 70km away from HCMC. This is actually a defense system of tunnels up to 250km in length. Tunnels associate as cobwebs, creating underground villages where the local as well as army forces can hide and work during the French colonial time. The structure has three floors ranging from 3-10m in depth. Travelling to Cu Chi, tourists will have memorable experiences of trying to move inside the narrow tunnels and certainly be surprised at such a sophisticated and creative transport system.

Statues describing the life of Communist soldiers in Cu Chi Tunnel
Statues describing the life of Communist soldiers in Cu Chi Tunnel -source: internet

Besides, you should also visit Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station, located about 1km from the tunnel complex. With a total area of    4.000 square meter, the station is home of a number of endangered species rescued from illegal animal trade. Through the display of images and information on illegal trade and hunting of wildlife animals, the station largely contributes to raising visitors’ awareness on biodiversity protection.

Due to its close proximity to Ho Chi Minh, tourists can easily reach Cu Chi by motorbike or by bus. It takes you about 2h to travel there by motor. Interestingly, you can see the local life and enjoy specialties along the road. For those who like to use public transport, you need to catch the bus No.13 in Ben Thanh bus station or the bus No.94 in Cho Lon bus station. After arriving in Cu Chi, catch the bus No.79 to get off at Ben Duoc Memorial Temple, then walk another 100m to Cu Chi Tunnel.

Tourists play paintball in Cu Chi
Tourists play paintball in Cu Chi -source: internet

Vung Tau Beach

Vung Tau is one of the most favorite destination for families in HCMC thanks to its beautiful beaches as well as fresh and delicious food. Being just about 120km from HCMC, Vung Tau is a really good choice to get away from the crowded and noise of the city life. So what are the excitements there? Image you are sunbathing on the white sandy Pineapple Beach or Paradise Beach, walking along the Front Beach and Back Beach. For those who love to try luxury seaside resorts, Vung Tau is a good choice. There are lots of five-star hotels and fancy vacation spots.

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Lan Rung Resort anLan Rung Resort and Spa in Vung Tau d Spa in Vung Tau
Lan Rung Resort and Spa in Vung Tau -source: internet

Some nearby attractions include Bach Dinh aka White Palace constructed in 1898 under Nguyen Dynasty – this old architecture has a good view to the coast, and the Jesus Christ Statue which is 32-meter tall and takes over 20 years to build- it is worth to take about 800 steps walking up to the statue.

Jesus Christ Statue in Vung Tau
Jesus Christ Statue in Vung Tau -source: internet

To travel between Ho Chi Minh and Vung Tau, you can buy bus tickets (ranging from US$4-8) and get on at Mien Dong bus station. It takes you about 2.5h to go by bus. Besides, riding a motorbike is another option. Following the Highway No. 51 and you will reach Vung Tau after about 3.5h.

Mekong Delta

The South West of Vietnam is endowed with a huge amount of alluvial segment deposited by Mekong River. As a result, the local can easily grow different kinds of fruits and rice. Travelling to Mekong Delta will surely bring tourists fun experiences. Floating market, taking place very early in the morning among people on boats, is one of the features cannot be found in other regions of Vietnam. The two biggest floating markets include one in Tien Giang and one in Can Tho. Moreover, once visiting Mekong Delta provinces you shouldn’t miss the specialties. For instance, My Tho is so well-known for its Hu Tieu, An Giang is covered by palm tree or Ben Tre is also known as the coconut land.

Tourists sitting on boats to see the biodiversity
Tourists sitting on boats to see the biodiversity -source: internet

As the area contains 13 provinces, it is impossible to visit all within a day from HCMC. It is suggested that you choose what you really want to see and try, then pick up a particular province. You can easily reach there by bus at Mien Tay bus station. Riding a motorbike can be fun but a little bit of risky and take lots of your time.

Floating houses in Mekong Delta
Floating houses in Mekong Delta- source: internet

 those are the top three best day trips from HCMC. Are they attracting to you? If yes, why don’t you pack and go to discover now?

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