Top 4 styles of coffee that many people preferred in Saigon

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In HCMC, where attractions include busy lifestyle, but somewhere filthy beats people will find refuge angles can not be bothered to enjoy a cup of coffee. Here are 4 styles of coffee that many people preferred to try. Indochina tours in Vietnam

  1. Coffee racket

HCMC people today are familiar with the coffee cup coffee filter or foreigners, but few know where it still exists a very personal type of coffee is coffee that racket, familiar names with older ones.

Unique recipe in Cheo leo café
Unique recipe in Cheo leo café – source:

Simple Coffee racket is named after the coffee appliances. Instead of ordinary people use the filter or phase directly from the coffee powder, then uses a racket with fabric to filter coffee. Mixing also undergone many stages feat, requiring employees to be very meticulous and knowledgeable formula to give a cup of coffee right away. Amnesty rare shop that when entered, one will encounter many different but familiar. Since there are habits ingrained in everyday life. Also rare to find a common voice among older adults with young people as here.

  1. Coffee in the old apartment

You’ll have to take time to come to the cafe located in the apartment. Most after parking underneath, you go through the years-old staircase was dusty new time to shop upstairs. Article impress diners those are pretty small space but attracted by a decorative alternative, the night light inside the restaurant and the old tiles in any size. Tours in Vietnam

Mocking Bird Bansky, Ton That Dam apartment
Mocking Bird Bansky, Ton That Dam apartment – source:

Many old apartment with interesting spaces like apartment with Ton That Dam cafe or Mocking Bird Bansky, Ngo Thoi Gian apartment with space Fix Republic with bold photography Pasteur apartment with nice little shop of female writer.

  1. Coffee with style close to nature

The café with nature as a key decorative is welcome many young people. Escape from the city smog, diners to this space will feel airy, quiet and have a chance to enjoy yourself in nature.

Fly cupcake garden
Fly cupcake garden – source:

Many people who are looking to office space for cool, quiet to be able to relax after work or to discuss stressful job. Artificial waterfalls and gardens with lush green foliage will make you enjoy yourself in a nearest natural, refreshing and fresh. Therefore, the stylish cafe this past year has been very well received.

  1. Coffee with modern style

You will enjoy beautiful space is invested carefully in terms of ideas, as well as meticulous in the preparation stages of drinks, service.

The Kafe
The Kafe – source:

Style mainly for those who have passion for the beautiful soul like watching pictures, listen to music or enjoy drinks ancient past the gaudy cups in a luxurious space.

Hope you will find a café style suitable for your hobby.

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