Top 5 delicious foods in Vientiane

Vientiane, the capital of Lao, is not only famous for its breathtaking views but also its cuisine. Sharing some similarities with Vietnamese and Thailand cuisine, Vientiane’s famous foods keep attracting foreign tourists, especially cuisine lovers around the world, for years by its fragrances of natural ingredients. Below are top five delicious foods that you should try before leaving Vientiane.  Indochina tours Laos

Khao niaw (Sticky rice) in Vientinane

In an agrarian country like Laos, rice appears in every meal. Laotian have created different dishes from rice such as sticky and steamed white rice. Khao niaw or sticky rice is more preferable in Laos. It is not complicated to create delicious Khao Niaw. Glutinous rice is soaked overnight, then wash it several times before cook it inside a bamboo tube. When eating them, you can feel the woody flavor which makes it special.

Khao Niaw
Khao Niaw-source:

Laap (Meat salad)

Laap (can be spelled as larb, lap or lab) is the well-known dish in Laos. It is a salad with meat (beef, fish, pork or chicken) and flavored by garlic, lime juice, spring onion, roasted rice and mint leaves. Not only filling but also refreshing, this dish is a great choice for hot days in Laos. There are both cooked and raw laap. We suggest you should eat raw versions in licensed restaurants where hygiene is of high standard to protect your health.

Laap – a must-try dish in Vientiane
Laap – a must-try dish in Vientiane -source:

Tam Mak Houng (Papaya Salad)

Tam Mak Houng is of Lao cuisine but can be seen and eaten throughout Southeast Asia. The main ingredient of Tam Mak Houng is green papayas which is crunchy and tangy. Besides, the vendor will add salt, sugar, chilly and limes to it. After that, all the ingredients are mixed together and pounded with a pestle and mortar. Tam Mak Houng is usually very hot so you can tell the vendor to adjust the flavors. In Vientiane, the stalls at market or out of town are cheaper than those near the riverfront. Laos travel tours

Tam Mak Houng
Tam Mak Houng -source:

Oh Lam (Stew)

This dish is originated from Luang Prabang. Oh Lam is a stew cooked by using different vegetables such as beans, mushrooms, eggplants, gourds. Then they will be seasoned with lemongrass, coriander and thickened by sticky rice. The key ingredient which makes this flavored is sa kan, a bitter rotten herb. This is one of delicious food you should not miss in Vientiane.

Oh Lam – one of top 5 delicious in Vientiane
Oh Lam – one of top 5 delicious in Vientiane-source:


 In Vientiane, you also can taste one of delicious Chinese dishes – dumpling. The wrapper is usually made from water and flour. The fillings can be various, meat, vegetables, mushroom or seafood. The dumpling tastes distinctive and very pleasant. In Vientiane, the best place to try this dish is Dongbei Dumpling Restaurant. Although the restaurant is small, it is always busy and crowded. With only $2.5 plate of dumplings, you can be full for most of the day.


A trip to Vientiane would be incomplete without sampling its specialty. We hope that you will have an unforgettable trip with the list of top 5 delicious foods. Visit Vientiane and try them, you will fall in love with Vientiane!

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