Top best places to walk in Saigon, Vietnam

Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city) is famous for the busiest and modern life. If you just want to walk, there are the best places for you to consider.

  1. China Town in Saigon

In Saigon has a focus area most people live in China which is the District 5. Here, the Chinese have built up the streets with architecture featuring her. Living centers and purchase of Chinese Cholon area, also known as China town. Tours Indochina

A beautiful street in Chinatown
A beautiful street in Chinatown – source:

Here, in addition to the market, Thien Hau Pagoda, Nghia An Assembly hall is an attractive destination in Chinatown. This is one of the oldest Chinese temple has built in Cholon old (around 1760). The temple with typical Chinese architecture has historical value both cultural values is always a destination visitor attractions to visit.

  1. View the cafe at Nguyen Hue Walk street

Since its debut, the busy pedestrian street became familiar gathering place of the youth, and therefore should the racing shops sprang up to cater to dietary needs entertainment. Right on the pedestrian street with old apartment 1 when up there you can admire panoramic pedestrian street, there are many cafes in on this apartment.

Many coffee shops in an apartment at Nguyen Hue street
Many coffee shops in an apartment at Nguyen Hue street – source:

A common point is that although space is not wide but always cafe decor quite catch. Up here you are spoiled with sparkling images and experience the peaceful feeling when you look down the bustle of town.

  1. Go Vap station

Never the portable camera and posing with paparazzi away their easy access to it. Just you to shape the platform, take a little deep, plus angle shots that you already having a positive image of the concept in the field of shimmering Station, vintage style Madness according to post Facebook breeze with your friends fall… Tours in Vietnam

Having unique photoshot in Go Vap station
Having unique photoshot in Go Vap station – source:
  1. The weekend fairgrounds

On every second weekend is the weekend fairs again turn ongoing. Besides shopping space with enough beauty items the outside of the fairgrounds also have a separate booth was photographed constantly changing according to different themes each. There Noel month, the month of Tet, when it’s a colorful game parks youthful.

  1. Urban Saigon Flea Market

What do you have here? Besides the shops selling unique handmade items, you can also meet a lot of foreign friends. Can hear the band sing live under 2 hanging container, coal can be fun activities. The process has nothing.

Saigon Flea Market
Saigon Flea Market – source:
  1. Pasteur Apartment
An ancient place in Pasteur Apartment
An ancient place in Pasteur Apartment – source:

Having to take 2 stunning spiral staircase to frame, and architecture unique skylight, ensuring that all units in apartment buildings are well-lit and overlooking the courtyard. Pasteur- apartment at the corner of Nguyen Du was still pretty good and kept clean.

  1. Ton That Dam Apartment

Although no classical architecture or the center position as Pasteur, Ton That Dam apartment is still a lot of cafes and fashion shops in safe hands as a business location.

Ton That Dam Apartment
Ton That Dam Apartment – source:

The advantage of Ton That Dam apartment is quiet, view over a romantic waterfront, besides the apartment railing is a very wonderful to appear in the vintage photos.

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