Top things to do in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most ideal place for tourists. There are so many people choose it for a tour. Visiting Thailand in time of November to March is always highly recommended because this is the time of festival and a number of other activities. However, Thailand is also great at the other time when tourists have more choice of vehicle and accommodate. Therefore, tourists should not be so worry about time to travel and should quickly book a tour to this heaven. Tours Indochina Thailand

Thailand is an ideal tourist attraction
Thailand is an ideal tourist attraction

About vehicle, tourists have many choice when travel inside Bangkok such as bus, metro, etc. Only by these means, tourists can contemplate all around the city. Other choices for this are taxi or tuk tuk, you should not worry about language because all the driver here can speak Basic English for communicating. Besides, one tip for you is about price, driver often offer a little higher price, so what you should do is bargaining to have a favorable one. That would be better if you take the hotel card with you to more easily in travelling and avoiding misunderstanding. Thailand travel tours

Tourists travel by tuk tuk in Thailand
Tourists travel by tuk tuk in Thailand

About hotel, Bangkok Inter Place or Ratchada will be good for tourists. There are many choices suitable for everyone. Tourists with comfortable circumstances can choose luxury hotel such as Ramada Plaza to stay. And other hotel to choose are Grand Sole, Fairtex, Sports Club & Hotels, Nova Platinum, etc. all of them located in the Pattaya- a sea city on the Thailand bay coastal. One more thing tourists should bear in mind is preparing toothpaste, toothbrush, comb and dryer because almost all hotel in Thailand do not provide these.

And one of the top things that every tourists should do is tasting food of Thailand. Thailand cuisine often give elegant, a little bit peppery and sour taste. Some tourists do not familiar with oily or hot food such as Chinese can feel comfortable with cuisine here

There are numerous foods for tourists to try such as pork fried with egg, seafood fried with onion, chicken grilled with banana leaves, boiled chicken, sweet and sour grated salad and seafood, mushroom with seafood soup, fried spinach, etc. Moreover, people can also try food on street such as attractive grilled fish, dried beef, squeezed orange and one more thing tourists should try is Thailand Coconut which bring about wonderful taste of elegant sweet quintessence and tastily rich copra. It is supposed to be one of the top things to do in Thailand and it costs only 20 baht, which is a very favorable price

Tasty and colorful food in Thailand
Tasty and colorful food in Thailand

Thailand totally can humor every tourists even the toughest, it is the heaven of tourism and attract so many people to come here. Things mentioned above is not all about Thailand, to discover the beauty of this land, do not hesitate to take a tour here. You will never be disappointed with this choice

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