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It is not overstated that Myanmar is a country of festival as there are several festivals all year round. Travelers lucky enough to visit the country during the festivals will have unforgettable experiences. The following is our suggestions on top three festivals that should be included in your Myanmar trip. Best Indochina tours

Thingyan Water Festival

Thingyan is the festival to celebrate the Burmese New Year, occuring at the end of the dry season, around April 14-15th and lasting for four or five days. This is the no.1 important national holiday in Myanmar.


From its name you can get what the local do during the festival! Yes, they splashing water to each other with any tool they have! Interestingly, they believe that water can help them wash away all the bad luck of the old year to welcome the new things coming. Burmese also release captive fish and birds with a hope of creating good karma and receiving good things in the future. In addition, people usually spend their time in pagodas or temples to listen to the Buddha teachings. Especially, they provide the monks with great feasts.

Mont lone yeibaw
Mont lone yeibaw -source: internet

Besides, an indispensable part of such a great festival is the traditional cuisines. The first dish is Mont lone yeibaw, aka rice ball. Glutinous rice flour is mixed with water to make the cover and palm sugar is put inside. Balls are boiled until floating to the water surface. Then they are taken out to put on plate and covered with shredded coconut. Cambodia travel tours

Thingyan Water Festival is strongly favored by the young
Thingyan Water Festival is strongly favored by the young -source: internet

Thadingyut Light Festival

Thadingyut Light Festival is also known as the Full Moon Day of Thadingyut. There is an old story in Buddhism that Buddha’s mother died after giving birth. In order to express his filial piety to his mother who was reborn in the heaven, Buddha preached for three Lenten months. To welcome Buddha and his disciples’ descend back to the human world.

Young monks are enjoying the festival
Young monks are enjoying the festival

According to Burmese calendar, the festival is annually held at the end of lent, usually equal to the third week of October in Western calendar. During the three days of festivals, people across the country light up candles to celebrate. This is also the occasion for the young to honor their teachers, parents and express their respects to the elders.

Taunggyi Balloon Festival

This is another national light festival taking place on November every year to mark the full moon. Local people celebrate by letting candle-lightened paper lanterns fly up to the sky. Brightly shining balloons are full of the sky during the festival time. It is believed that the flying lanterns and balloons will take evils away and good things will come. As a result, the Taunggyi’s sky will be filled with beautiful handmade lanterns. Once you decide to visit Myanmar, plan your trip to enjoy such good time in Taunggyi.

The fire balloon is surrounded by lots of people
The fire balloon is surrounded by lots of people -source: internet

So they are the three of the most amazing festivals taking place every year in Myanmar. If you are planning for trip to this country of festivals, taking into accounts these suggestions! We assure you will have memorable experiences there.

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