Top wonderful beaches in Myanmar

Myanmar is endowed with 2,000 km coastline with sandy beaches, makes this country attractive destination in Asia. The beautiful beaches  in Myanmar are mostly along the coast of the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Begal, westward, so here visitors will admire the sunset scene on the sea. Here are three most beautiful beaches in Myanmar that you do not ignore. Tours to indochina 

Ngwe Saung beach

Ngwe Saung beach (also known as Silver Beach) located south of Ngapali beach and close to Yangon over. Yangon fly from here only takes 35 minutes, go easy road, go take 6 hours. Guests can also choose to go to another boat from Yangon, took 16 hours, passing Pathein. Also very interesting boat ride, you get comfortable scenery vast sky, try feeling at sea.


Ngwe Saung beach
Ngwe Saung beach – source:

1 decade ago, a series of resorts has grown up on the coast stretching. Room rates here 15 to $ 400. In the resort features a pool in the green, but perhaps you will enjoy swimming more. Ngwe bright sea green and cool, fresh as Ngapali beach. At this point you can lounge by the sun on the beach, with scuba diving, snorkelling with snorkel, walk to visit the island at the end of the beach at low tide. Great seafood here, there are crayfish, lobster, crab, fish … If you wake up at dawn to see the scene fishermen on the beach.

Ngapali beach – of the most famous beaches in Myanmar

For those who have the romantic soul, looking for pristine beauty and tranquility, the Ngapali beach is the most appropriate destination. Ngapali beach is one of the most famous beaches in Myanmar; with poetic beauty by sparkling white sand under brilliant sunshine, winding side green coconut. It is 7km long coastline, with beautiful waves with clear turquoise rattling clap. Myanmar travel packages


Ngapali beach
Ngapali beach – source:

Besides swimming, walking discover the natural landscape around the beach, you can take excursions such as visiting the small fishing villages and local markets, hike or cycle to the countryside to learn life local people. The vessel takes visitors to the beautiful island off the coast.

Chuang Tha Beach

Situated near Chuang Tha Beach Yangon is suitable for middle-class families in urban areas. Located along the road to Tha Chuang is green fields, far away from the misty mountains. Chuang Tha Beach is like Ngapali or Ngwe not as beautiful as bright. Fine white sand is not very much. Before the coast is a series of hotels, restaurants, spas international standards; which is appropriate for you to stay while on vacation or away for the weekend, combined with relaxation, dining and beauty treatments.


Chuang Tha Beach
Chuang Tha Beach – source:

The island has white sand beaches, a small temple of deep. You can walk to the island Phokalar located near the beach, also very beautiful. If you want to dive watch tropical fish, they must bring their own snorkel.

Generally, Myanmar sea sport is suitable for surfing adventure. Here not very big waves, surfing new players do not feel afraid.

Let’s plan your trip to Myanmar 12 days for more experiences in Myanmar beaches.

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