Traveling Moc Chau in November

Traveling Vietnam is considered as one of the best choices for you on your holiday because of its beauty. Coming here, you will be extremely attracted by the beautiful landscapes, traditional culture and hospitable local people.
Moc Chau is one of the most famous and beautiful plateaus in Vietnam for its romantic sceneries, cool weather and peaceful atmosphere. In every season, Moc Chau also has the unique beauty which can impress visitors so much. Especially, traveling Moc Chau in November with some following destinations will bring you many memorable experience. Tours in Vietnam

Son Moc Huong cave in Moc Chau

Son Moc Huong cave is located in the Northeast of Moc Chau with about 7 square kilometers. In the past, local people called it Sa Lai cave because there is an artesian water inside which is never dry. This cool water source provides water for many daily activities of local people such as irrigating. Many year later, people give it a prettier name called Son Moc Huong.

When visiting Son Moc Huong cave, tourist will certainly be surprised because of the sparkling and fanciful stalactites. The rosins look like the colorful and twinkle roots. In the center of this cave, there is a special lake which is never dry. Beside the entrance, there is a small road which leads to the roof of Son Moc Huong cave. In this place, you can see many beautiful plum gardens.

Son Moc Huong cave is considered as a priceless present which nature gives Moc Chau. The lively and delicate stalactites seems to be sculpted by many talent artists. Coming here, you will have opportunity to broaden your eyes and refresh your mind. The beauty of magnificent nature will help you to get rid of any pressure in your daily life.

Pine forest in Ban Ang


Pine forest in Ban Ang is one of the destinations you shouldn’t miss when traveling Moc Chau in November. The weather in Ban Ang is one of the factors which make the unique beauty of this pine forest. In the aurora, the lake in forest is very quiet. Moreover, the surface is covered by a thin fog layer, which can make visitors open their soul to dip into the wonderful nature. When the sunshine is waken up, the surface becomes brighter and more sparkling. In the sunset, the fog starts, the weather becomes cooler. This is the most ideal time for you to walk around the lake and contemplate the romantic landscapes here. Moreover, you can also hear the sound of birds which makes the soft and lyrical melodies. From that, the tiredness will be thrown away and you only can feel the happiness and satisfaction. Indochina travel agency

Bucket flower in Long Luong


Moc Chau is the destination which is very famous for the beautiful kinds of flowers. And one of them is bucket flower. When blooming, it is white, then turning to light pink and lastly dark violet. The ability of changing color is one of the unique features of bucket flowers. This kind of flower is planted densely, which makes Long Luong like a wonderful and impressive painting. The beauty here can make tourists surprised and fascinated. You will be surrounded by the colorful and beautiful bucket flowers. Especially, you can catch sight of ethnic children playing with bucket flower. This image will surely bring you the strange warmth that you will never forget.


Many interesting experience and romantic destinations are waiting for you in Moc Chau in November. Coming here means that you give yourselves an opportunity to contemplate the wonderful landscapes and dip into magnificent nature.

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