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Pha That Luang is not just the iconic image of Vientiane, Laos but also the holiest religious monument in Laos. Let’s find it on the hill approximately 5km Northeast of the downtown. You’ll see that this stupa is indeed a not-to-missed spot in your travel. Wait no longer but check out our best tips travel to Pha That Luang right away! Travel to Laos with Indochina travel

Pha That Luang | Top choice Buddhist stupa in Laos

Throughout the history, Pha That Luang temple has been damaged repeatedly because of the violent wars. Back to the Siamese invasion in 1828, nearly the building has been looted (the Siamese has stolen the entire gold of the stupa).


Pha That Luang, the golden Buddhist stupa in Laos
Pha That Luang, the golden Buddhist stupa in Laos -source: internet

Several years later, the French had damaged Pha That Luang to establish another one by using their own architecture. But then they have re-established the stupa in 1930. And now it’s a place to learn more of the Buddhist culture, which bears the massive influence in different aspects of Laotian lives.

From distance, you’ll see a huge Buddhist Stupa that is about 85 meters in height and 69 meters in width in the pyramidal shape. Being covered by 30 little stupas, the stupa is also surrounded with 500 kilos of golden leaf, valuable metal owns such a splendid golden shade, the icon of Laos’ splendor.


You’re now watching the great symbol of the city of Vientiane
You’re now watching the great symbol of the city of Vientiane -source: internet

The whole complex you’re seeing from a distance is the place where rises the famous Pha That Luang temple- its cloister also houses so many other statues of Buddha and paintings. By observing closely, you will see how the temple is built on 3 various levels, which stand for the ascent from our Earth to the heaven.

Climbing to the first level of the stupa, you will arrive at the underworld while the second one is the Thirty Perfections of the Buddhism. The last one or the last level, you see the Kingdom of heaven. Laos tours


Never miss Pha That Luong, one of the greatest architectural works of Buddhism
Never miss Pha That Luong, one of the greatest architectural works of Buddhism- source: internet

And more interestingly, each and every of the levels seems narrower than the previous ones. For instance, the initial level is about 69 meters in width; the second level reaches 47 meters while the ultimate one is around 29 meters.

The unique visit to Pha That Luang


A peaceful day at Pha That Luang
A peaceful day at Pha That Luang- source: internet

Before uncovering the best tips travel to Pha That Luang, we’d like to show you how the outer part and interior of the stupa really look. It lies on the outskirts of Vientiane. As you know, your visit to Pha That Luang can include 2 various sections; which are the outer segment and the inside access of the temple.

The space outside the stupa consists of gardens, monuments, statues and the magnificent palace.

It’s completely free and open access, so you can freely take as many great pictures as desired. Besides, the palace Wat Neua Thatluang also owns a breathtaking facade along with the eye-catching small stupas around the temple.

Amazingly scattered around the temple, the grounds seem well-cared and appear along with so many statues of Buddha as well as deities around. Most of them are both the life-sized and well-crafted statues that are wearing the saffron robes or the monk’s attire.

If you want to get inside the temple area, make sure to pay the entrance fee. Entering the inside of the stupa, everyone gets to see a great number of awesome hand-painted art works; which properly put your mind in awe.

However, some travelers love to save that amount of money to simply enjoy the beautiful sight and amazing stupa right from the outside.

How to get to Pha That Luang


What a gorgeous view of Pha That Luang at night!
What a gorgeous view of Pha That Luang at night!- source: internet

You can take a tuk-tuk to visit Pha That Luang at the negotiated price of 50,000 kips, which is seen as a very budget-friendly price. The temple is open daily in a week and in hour range of 8:00 – 12:00 while in the evening, the opening time is from 13:00 to 16:00.

The best time to visit the golden stupa

Well, knowing the most suitable time to visit the temple is one of the most important tips traveling to Pha That Luang. You should come here when the Boun That Luang festival is organized (every November in the capital of Vientiane). This special event has always drawn thousands of locals and visitors around the world, so don’t miss it!

The major event will be held at the stupa. It is where people are able to pray and show their respect to the temple; as well as enjoy the beautiful parades, live music and the whole religious atmosphere.

Spend some great time getting around and contemplate one of the most famous attractions for your Vientiane tour, Pha That Luang, and for many good reasons. Its beauty is just breathtaking that can make you speechless while sitting in peace to enjoy the great scenes ahead.

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