Vietnamese people’s common activities during Tet

Being the time for all members in a family to unite and participate in a wide range of hilarious activities, Tet is thought to be the most special and stunning occasion in Vietnam. And there are the most preferable Tet’s activities Vietnamese people want to do with their families.

Watching firework on the New Year’s Eve moment

Colorful firework
Colorful firework- source: internet

Being a yearly event expected by any Vietnamese on the night, firework shooting which is a show of light organized in big cities of Vietnam like Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Danang or Hue, is a sign announcing the arriving of a New Year. In order to provide most incredible view as well as serve the largest number of viewers, they are often presented on the sky of the most amazing tourist attractions of the cities.

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In combination with the booming echoes of every shot, the sparkling art show on the sky seems to make hearts of all people pump faster and become more excited to happily welcome the New Year. There is nothing cozier than all members in a family walking hand in hand under the hilarious atmosphere to enjoy the night.

Family parties in Tet

Family party
Family party- source: internet

The main theme for the whole holiday of Tet is parties with full of delicious traditional dishes. To share all the sadness and happiness and experiences gained throughout the previous year, from the last day of the year, all members in family unite to enjoy Tất Niên meal (the last uniting meal of a Lunar New Year). Moreover, the cozy parties are also time to strengthen relationships between members, show respect to elders and review tradition of family.

During Tet Holiday, there are no exact schedules for them besides the three main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner and family parties can start from anywhere. As foods and drink are stored at their fullest level during Tet, a party may even begin when some friends or relatives come to visit the host’s home at any time of a day.

New Year’s greetings

New Year’s greeting
New Year’s greeting- source: internet

People begin to go around and greet their friends and relatives with the best wishes from the first day of the New Year. Since villagers live much closer than people in big cities, they are often relatives of each other living in the same village, this custom seems to be more popular in villages than in big cities. Relatives first and then friends and colleague is the order of people to be greeted.

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The very first destination is the parents’ house in the house of these elders. Not only simple as a way of exchanging wishes between guests and hosts, this custom is the great opportunity for friends, sisters and brothers to meet and talk to each other after a long separated year.

Lucky money for children and elders

Lucky money
Lucky money- source: internet

It is no doubt that this tradition is the most awaited activity during Tet Holiday of all Vietnamese children. Not only making children feel happier on Tet, it also educates them how to save money for good purpose as well as the value of money, the custom is not a meaningless one. Similar to its very definition, lucky money bring obedience, intelligence and healthiness to the children and luck to the givers as well.

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