What to visit Con Dao Island, Vietnam

Con Dao is one of the best destinations of Vietnam. Located in Ba Ria-Vung Tau province, this island has many neglected beaches communing with nature, therefore, it always attracts numerous visitors especially in the summer. There are 4 must-see attractions you should not miss: Indochina tours

  1. Con Dao National Park

Con Dao National Park is a protected area sited in the north of Con Dao District, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province, Vietnam. The total area of this national park expanding from island area to surrounding sea area is 15,043 ha, including 6,043 ha in the island part and 9,000 ha in the sea.

Con Dao National Park
Con Dao National Park – source: internet

Con Dao National Park is one of only two terrestrial and maritime National Parks in Vietnam which include both terrestrial and marine natural resources. Today, the park covers fourteen islands and their surrounding areas. The forest covers on the islands is dense: a sizable proportion is in pristine condition, the humid hill forest growing about 500m above sea level.

In 2006, a UNESCO mission commented the biodiversity of natural system in this national park. This park was recognized as a natural and cultural heritage by UNESCO. Tours in Vietnam

  1. Con Dao Prison

The must-see place in Con Dao Island is Con Dao prison – the place to jail political prisoners in Vietnam War.

Con Dao Prison is a complex of prisons in Con Dao Island. Firstly, the prison system was established by the French colonists to detain and torture political prisoners who extremely effect to the French colonial regime.

Con Dao Prison is also known as a Hell on Earth
Con Dao Prison is also known as a Hell on Earth – source: internet

Established in 1862, the French Colonists and American Army have built a system of torturing, beating and killing political prisoners very gradually and painfully, Con Dao since then is called as a Hell on Earth; anyone arrested there would suffer the death gradually and painfully. They established some special departments to torture prisoners here.

  1. Dam Tre Bay

Dam Tre Bay is situated in the north of the main island, 3km from Con Son Airport. This bay is big, deep-rooted in the land, the harmonious blending between the sea and mountains, giving a poetic, hidden charming scenic bay and fresh environment.

Dam Tre Bay
Dam Tre Bay – source: internet

Make a way through the original forest trails to Dam Tre Bay, you should discover the bay your own way by swimming and snorkeling around to observe the amazingly underwater life like coral, clams,… Afterwards, take a leisure walk to enjoy the bay dramatic scenery from the mountain.

  1. An Hai Beach and Lo Voi Leach

Con Dao has 200 km of coastline with lots of beautiful and unspoiled beaches with cool seawater, colorful coral reef, such as An Hai, Dam Trau, Lo Voi, etc.

Lo Voi beach and An Hai beach are the most of beautiful beaches in Con Dao.

Lo Voi Beach is in center of Con Dao District, the beach is quiet and the water is blue.

Con Dao Beaches
Con Dao Beaches – source: internet

An Hai Beach is a sandy continuation of the harbour front that stretches southwest of Con Son town. Protected by palm trees and overlooked by green mountains, this beach is dotted with the only beachfront accommodation on the island

Enjoying your holiday in Con Dao, you can join in many interesting activities. On the beach, you can hold parties, barbecues, or watch stars in the night sky and etc.

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