Walking around Ho Guom in the morning peace

No one have already arrived in Hanoi without taking their time to visit Ho Guom (Sword lake), also known as Hoan Kiem Lake (Lake of the Restored Sword). Truly, before long it used to be called Luc Thuy Lake (Green Water lake) as the water was always green all year round. The name of the Lake was changed into Ho Guom around in early 1428 by the famous Emperor Le Loi. The legend told that at that time, Emperor Le Loi was boating on the lake when a Golden Turtle God surfaced and asked for his magic sword, which Golden Turtle God lent it to him to help him fight off northern invaders in landslide victory. And Emperor Le Loi gave the sword back to the Turtle God with the deep thanks. Therefore, the name Ho Guom was called from that day. Today, Ho Guom becomes one of the most popular destinations with travelers because not only its attractive legend, its peaceful beauty but also very friendly people around. And you will find out all about that while walking around Ho Guom- one part of Tours in Indochina.

Ho Guom in the morning
Ho Guom in the morning- source: internet

Seemingly, Hanoians and foreign tourists are fascinated by the romantic beauty of Ho Guom, in particular in early morning. That’s reason why so many people like walking around Ho Guom in the morning. In the early morning, Ho Guom gradually appears in fog  under the first rays of sunlight. After night, now the air is so clear, the atmosphere is so quiet and fresh, the scenery around Ho Guom is waking up in the morning peace, everything looks full of life, even with many-year-old trees on the bank of the Lake.

View of Cau The Huc

A beautiful basket of flowers, a mirror-like green lake, a place of love, etc. are converged in Ho Guom – the heart of Hanoi. Since all of these you will be fascinated and never forget what the feeling is when you are walking around Ho Guom in the morning peace. One more thing, Ho Guom owns natural circuit about 1.750 meters, with such perimeter let travelers walk and have a sightseeing without being afraid of tiredness. For those who love exercising every morning and can’t live without it, this is the best chance for walking, or jogging.

Ho Guom in the autumn morning

Not at all, beside Ho Guom there is well-known Ly Thai To Flower Garden with its own different beauty. Specifically, the travelers may get there in freedom and it’s easy to drop at there while you are on the way walking around Ho Guom, just crossing Ly Thai To street. Everyday, this favourite park welcomes so many people from little children to the young and old. In the morning, it’s ideal for those who need a spacious place for activities such as practising kungfu, aerobic exercising,…and so on. Especially, the children and the young are so crazy here with inline skating.

Ly Thai To Flower Garden
Ly Thai To Flower Garden- source: internet

Added to that, Ho Guom in the morning, there are so many interesting activities around, such as people walking, exercising to aerobic music, weight lifting and having a chat, some were dancing with big red flags and others with swords and spears. Every people have their own interests to begin their new day, and all are so friendly. It’s said that natives’ kindess is Hanoian cultural nature, any travelers quite agree that they are impressed with that. Therefore, when walking around Ho Guom in the morning you will more understand about the life and people in Hanoi. Furthermore, for the first time here may be you will confuse something strange to you before but you should remember that all people here are kind and helpful, so if you need any support, feel free to ask some around.

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Fresh air in Ho Guom
Fresh air in Ho Guom- source: internet

Nowadays, Ho Guom turns into one of the most popular destinations with travelers. Thanks to the particular picturesque beauty it has and the people in Hanoi are very nice, Ho Guom has become a symbol of the cultural beauty of Hanoi. And among parts of a day, the morning is the most wonderful time. The scenery is so silent, poetic; the life activities are beginning in various different free ways. And If you are waking around Ho Guom in the morning, you will feel how peaceful it is.

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