What to bring to Siem Reap

Climbing the Angkor Wat seems to be the sole reason for many tourists head to Siem Reap. Practically covering everything you need to know about, this guide will show you what to bring, what to wear and what to expect in Siem Reap. Indochina tours Cambodia

Cropped trousers work well for the ladies while shorts are acceptable to wear for the men
Cropped trousers work well for the ladies while shorts are acceptable to wear for the men –source: internet

It is sometimes claimed that when going to Siem Reap, covering up is the best choice. For one thing, you are protected from mosquitoes and for another, you are protected against the sun and wind. Cover up means wearing clothes that are thin and light yet still comfortable, instead of getting bundled up in thick and uncomfortable clothes.

It is a must to bring you put on comfortable shoes as climbing the Angkor Wat means you will be climbing not only narrow but also steep and uneven steps and surfaces. When you reach the top, do not let your walking shoes prevent you from admiring the exceptional views.

Do not forget to wear suitable shoes
Do not forget to wear suitable shoes-source: internet

Applying sunscreen is a good idea as having a tour around the Angkor temples means that you will be surely exposed to the sun all the time. Make sure that your sunscreen provides you with enough protection and is water-resistant as well.

On the exposed areas of your skin, do not forget to wear insect repellant and reapply when necessary. You have to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes that bring dengue fever come out in some areas throughout the day.

Generally, girls can get away with knee length shorts less than guys. Cropped trousers work well for the ladies while shorts are acceptable to wear for the men in the really hot temperatures of the city.

It is common that when touring around a hot city like Siem Reap, all travelers want to wear tank tops and sleeveless tops at most. However, note that in some temples of the Angkor, these styles of clothing may not be appropriate to wear. Dress well to pay respect to the structure as the temples are sacred sanctuaries. Seriously, you may even be escorted out of the ancient temples for putting on inappropriate clothing in some cases.

Packing list for Siem Reap
Packing list for Siem Reap- source: internet

In Siem Reap, it gets cool in the mornings and even cooler at night during the months of December and January. A light jacket or cardigan is definitely what you need, especially when traveling on a tuk tuk, if you are susceptible to cold climates

Bring with you a raincoat for sudden rain showers if you visit Siem Reap during the wet season. To easily slip your wet raincoat in after the shower, make sure to bring a plastic bag with you as well. Cambodia discovery

A compass, a notebook and a flashlight are must-bring things for serious temple explorers. Make sure to bring your adventure essentials since the Angkor Archaeological Park is a great way to embark on your own temple journey.

What to bring to Siem Reap
What to bring to Siem Reap- source: internet

Bringing essential medication is not a bad idea. As you desperately need it the most, you will want to avoid being caught without medicine. A few tablets and capsules to counter bodily inconveniences are necessary to prepare yourself when the need arises.

It may show a lack of respect for the Siem Reap people and their very modest culture even though you wear exactly what they want and the locals do not say a word. Although packing light is needed, packing right is much more essential. To make your trip an enjoyable experience, make sure to know what to wear and pack all the right things to Siem Reap.

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