What creates the attraction of Bat Trang Pottery Village in Hanoi?

Bat Trang is an ancient pottery village which is located in the suburban of Hanoi capital. For many years, it has become very famous to not only domestic travelers but also foreign visitors. So, what creates the attraction of this destination? Let’s find the interesting answers! Let’s explore Bat Trang with: Indochina travel Vietnam

Some information about Bat Trang Pottery Village

Bat Trang Pottery Village is located on the bank of Red River, in Gia Lam district. It is about more than 10 kilometers far from this destination to the center of Hanoi. As its name, Bat Trang is very famous for its traditional products- ceramics. This career has existed for more than 500 years.

For hundreds year, Bat Trang pottery has ranked as a premium product. In the past, they were mainly incensory, vase and items for worship. Nowadays, because of the demand of market, they become more and more diverse and qualified in appearance and quality. Many foreign businessmen from Japan, Poland, France and so on have come here to buy with a great number.

The art of making pottery in Bat Trang

What creates the attraction of Bat Trang Pottery Village

Unique and beautiful places for taking photos

Bat Trang is a beautiful traditional village in Hanoi. Therefore, when traveling there, you should bring along a mini camera to take photos. One of the first interesting place for you when visiting Bat Trang is the road to this ancient village. You can take many beautiful photos here. Keeping going, you can see many small lanes which lead to unique coal walls. This is really a wonderful background for you to take interesting photos. Besides, ceramics stores with lovely and colorful potteries are ideal choices.

Moreover, if coming here, you should spend time getting the bank of Red River. You can walk on your foot, contemplate beautiful landscapes and enjoy fresh air. In particular, there are some buffaloes grazing. You can try seating on their back if their owner allows. In particular, you can ask someone take a photos for you with the buffaloes. It is sure that you will have unforgettable experience. Vietnam travel tours

Learning how to make Bat Trang traditional pottery

After exploring the beauty of Bat Trang and taking many nice photos, you should try making Bat Trang traditional pottery. The average price for this is very cheap, only about 10,000 Vietnam dong. You can be shared how to work with ceramic tables and ingredients. You needn’t worry anything because the artists will show you how to make pottery carefully. They will teach you how to shape and create a lovely cup or vase and so on.

After that, you can decorate for your own product by drawing any patterns on it. Moreover, you can ask local people for advice and suggestion. However, all of foreign tourists coming here want to draw in their own way to have unique products. If you want to take it home, you have to pay about 30,000 Vietnam dong per one. It is quite cheap for a handmade products. When returning to your hometown, you can give them for your family and friends as a special gift in Vietnam.

Learn how to make ceramic in Bat Trang

Exploring Bat Trang Pottery Market

Bat Trang Pottery Market is a place which you can’t miss when visiting Bat Trang. This market is divided into many small stores which sell several kinds of handicraft made from ceramic. The premium goods has very high price. However, some kinds of pretties has lower price such as cup, vase, dish and so on. In particular, colorful terracotta is loved so much. The businessmen will arrange them into beautiful bracelet and necklace. You can buy some of them as the lovely gifts for your family and friends.

Moreover, in Bat Trang Pottery Marke, there are some vendors which serve delicious food. You can choose to enjoy rice cake, noodle, Pho, Mien Ga and so on.  After that, you can try a cup of sugarcane juice. Although these kinds of food is quite simple to make, it still has special taste which make you remember for a long time.

Bat Trang Pottery Village is an attractive destination in Hanoi for many reasons. Many foreign tourists come here are very excited about beautiful landscapes, traditional career, unique ceramics and so on. Bat Trang will be really a wonderful choice for your holiday time!

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