What food is there for a vegetarian in Hanoi

Taking vegetarian meal has become popular and popular in modern society. Nowadays, it hasn’t just for religion followers or anyone who is on diet. Everyone from several ages can take vegetarian meals for many different purposes. Therefore, it has been a famous trend of food art. Having vegetarian meals can help you improve your health and keep fit effectively. Moreover, it can make your soul be more relaxing and peaceful. Travel to Hanoi and enjoy street food with: Indochina tour Vietnam

To maintain good result from eating vegetarian meals, you have to take it regularly. Therefore, even when traveling, you have to keep this habit. Visiting Vietnam, finding a restaurant for vegetarian meals is not difficult. However, it is not easy for you to find a good one. Therefore, we suggest you some following addresses:

Minh Chay Restaurant- short time, big lot

Minh Chay Restaurant is located at no. 9, Au Trieu Street, Hoan Kiem District (next to Hanoi Big Cathedral). This is the first restaurant which serves vegetarian food as fast food in Hanoi. The menu in this place is several with many different kinds of the vegetarian dish such as Noodle, Pho, Porridge, Rice Cake, Steam Rice and so on. Moreover, the restaurant has very cozy and luxury space which can attract a lot of customers. Moreover, the staff is very kind and friendly. They always try their best to make you pleased.

Enjoying a vegetarian dish in Minh Chay is wonderful

In particular, Minh Chay Restaurant uses all of fresh ingredients (no cheese, no egg, no milk, no animal nutrition). Moreover, vegetables and fruits are very safe and good for health. Although this restaurant has been opened for a quite short time, it has received many compliments from customer. Therefore, this is really a believable destination for you.

Loving Hut restaurant system

Loving Hut is a restaurant system which has been in many countries in the world. It has strict nutrition formula which follows international standard. Therefore, each of vegetarian sets is always nutritious enough for you. In particular, the amount of vitamin, mineral, protein, calcium and so on are in balance. In Hanoi, there are 4 restaurants of this system for you such as that on Quan Thanh, Au Co, Chua Lang and Nguyen Trai Street. You can choose one of them. Vietnam holidays

Vegetarian food in Loving Hut is very fresh
Vegetarian food in Loving Hut is very fresh- source: internet

Moreover, one of the reasons which make Loving Hut out- standing is its decoration. The space is designed delicately and uniquely. Coming here, customers will feel really relaxing and comfortable as in their own home. In average, the price here is not very expensive. Only by 30,000 Vietnam dong, you can have a delicious vegetarian set.

Truc Lam Trai Restaurant

Being located at 39 Le Ngoc Han street, Truc Lam Trai Restaurant brings customers a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Having been established 8 years ago, this restaurant has still remained its reputation as an ideal place for vegetarian food. Moreover, Truc Lam Trai has improved and diversified its menu as well as the food quality. The main ingredient of this restaurant is bean- one of the best nutrition for your health.

Let’s visit Truc Lam Trai to have delicious vegetarian meal
Let’s visit Truc Lam Trai to have delicious vegetarian meal-source: internet

Moreover, all the dishes here are processed and used in day, so food is always fresh and delicious. In particular, Truc Lam Trai Restaurant usually holds some discussions of meditation. You can come here to enjoy a vegetarian meal and take part in these discussions. Only with 30,000 Vietnam dong, you can have a good set. The average price is about 60,000 Vietnam dong.

Thien Phat Restaurant

Thien Phat Restaurant is located at 91 Ly Thuong Kiet Street. Everyone who has ever come here can’t forget peaceful and luxury space here. The highlight of this restaurant is food roll with unique sauce. Coming here, you will be very satisfied with the way chefs decorate their dish and how delicious the food is.

Food roll is the highlight of Thien Phat Restaurant
Food roll is the highlight of Thiên Phát Restaurant -source: internet

Vegetarian food is one of the things unique in Hanoi. If you are a vegetarian, the mentioned restaurants are really wonderful choices for you. In contrast, if you are not, you should visit these to enjoy the special taste in vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi. It will be certainly unforgettable experience!

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