What makes you yearn for Hanoi autumn

Autumn with cool breezes and warm sun is considered as the best time to visit the capital city of Vietnam. Although autumn does not have a fixed schedule, the senses alert you to her arrival when you can smell sweet milk flowers and see venders selling golden apples on the streets. Indochina travel agency

Blackboard tree (Milk tree)


In all citizens’ minds, milk tree is the symbol of Hanoi autumn. During this time of the year, in almost every corner of Hanoi’s streets, you can smell the blackboard fragrance. Even though, since its heavy scent can cause the whole neighborhood dizzy or even allergic, the Blackboards are being planted scattered to avoid the strong smell, without wandering Hanoi’s streets in breezing atmosphere with the sweet smell of blackboard softly flying in the wind, there will not be a Hanoi’s autumn night.

Yellow leaves

It is in autumn when Hanoi changes its clothes from the evergreen color to yellow slightly wine hue. Thanks to the coloring changing, from young, hip and energetic city, the whole city just turns into somewhat quiet, peaceful and retro in just couple of days. Hanoians consider this change as an alarm for them to prepare some warm clothes for themselves and get ready for the upcoming winter which can get real close in just few days more. Vietnam travel tours

Young green sticky rice


Young green sticky rice is a specialty of Hanoi, which is only made in autumn and enjoyed by all Vietnamese. For Hanoians, in term of evoking autumn, nothing can be compared with the taste of young rice from Vòng Village; the sweetly scented grain leaving them a long lasting impression.

Cốm is truly delicious, particularly when being served with ripe bananas or red persimmons. The awesome taste of cốm – special gifts from the soil made by hard-working peasants, owning a simple and fresh fragrance reminds Hanoians everywhere of Hanoi’s autumn.

As autumn comes with the cool north-westerly wind bringing cold dew, the sticky rice at their fullest will all the rice-milk already concentrating in the grains will ear bend themselves into arches waiting for ripe grains and remind the local farmers that it is time to make cốm.

Hanoians often enjoy Cốm by hand, take a pinch at a time directly from the lotus leaves. When eating cốm, in order to appreciate all the plasticity, tastes and scents of the young rice which is buttery, nutty and sweet, you must enjoy slowly and chew very deliberately.

Gorgeous and photogenic sunlight


Although sunny, sunlight in mornings from Hanoi in autumn is not the same as those in summer. You will just want to run around the corner of the street in the very elegant and graceful sunlight and take several shoots of really nice pictures.

Dracontomelon ripe fruits (Qua Sau)

The specialty of Hanoi – Sau, especially ripe Sau is another reason for your trip in Hanoi. In autumn, when the fruits are ripe, Sau can be fragmented for 2 days with the mix of salt, sugar and chilly to become a favorite snack of many people, meanwhile, in summer when the fruits are still green, Hanoians collect them to use as a light sour ingredient to add to their soup. You can get this kind of snack at several street vendors in the Old Quarter at reasonable price for 1 portion. So if having a chance, you should not hesitate to try it.

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