What to do in Myanmar tours

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is a country passing USA’s long embargo and isolation. This makes Myanmar become a tourist destination with mystery of the virgin land. It is considered as a wonderland in “Aladdin and the magic lamp” story. If you suddenly lost in that country, what will you do? Some experiences here are useful for your Myanmar tours

Sightsee in hot air balloon

Travel by hot air balloon in Bangan
Travel by hot air balloon in Bagan Myanmar– Source: www.dustinmain.com

Bagan was the first capital of the country Myanmar. It is an ancient city with the features of Myanmar.

In Myanmar tours, you can experience in many means of transportation, from traditional means to modern ones such as carts, carriages, bicycles, etc.

Besides, one of the indispensable experiences for you is having journey by hot air balloon. In the morning, wake up early for an unforgettable hot air balloon ride over the city, you can admire the landscape of more than 4,000 ancient pagodas and temples covered by the sunshine of a new day.

 Here you can also admire the mysterious beauty of more than 2000 historical monuments, pagodas and temples.

Admire the sun in Myanmar tours

In Mandalay, Bagan and Yangon, it is so easy to find a timetable of sunrise in the morning and sunset in the afternoon. Places where you can see the sun are noted on the map.

One of the most favorite places in Myanmar is U Bein bridge which is the world’s longest one made from teak wood, spanning Taungthaman lake.

Its length is 1200m, considered a symbol of the connection, simplicity and longevity in the suburb of Mandalay. The bridge built in 1850 by U Bein Mayor has become an ideal location to contemplate the beauty of the sun.

You have to be present at 4 a.m or 5 p.m, you can stand on or under the bridge to see the sun or boat on the river to watch the bridge.  Photographers often stand under the bridge or on the boat to take color photos of the sun and beautiful bridge.

Sun in Myanmar
Sun in Myanmar-source: http://sandvand.net

There is a special thing when admiring the sun in Myanmar tours. You have to go barefoot because most of these lands belong to lands of temples – sacred places of Myanmar. Contemplate the peaceful and attractive surroundings will bring you lots of unforgettable impression.

Experience life in Inle lake

If you have not yet come to Inle Lake, this means you have not been to Myanmar. Inle is the largest freshwater lake in Myanmar located in the mountains about 600 km from Yangon.

The first thing when you arrive in the lake is the peaceful and familiar surroundings like countryside of Vietnam.

You will be very surprised to see people fishing boat with one foot, standing at the bottom of the boat, keeping their balance and letting down the nets. This is a unique fishing boat in Myanmar. Besides, people make many rafts from vegetables and bamboo to plant trees on the water. The most popular crop here is tomato.

Unique fishing technique in Inle Lake
Unique fishing technique in Inle Lake- source: http://sandvand.net

It’s interesting when you roam the lake by boat and seen firsthand all of this. Besides, you can feed the birds, watch the sun set, which let you mingle with the natural space here. How wonderful it is when enjoy great moments with the music, the food.

Then, you can be attracted if you move to Red Mountain by bike. You continue to feasting your eyes with huge vineyards and study the process of producing wine in small villages here. You not only relax under big trees, sightsee overview of Inle lake, enjoy a glass of wine under the cool weather but also firsthand visit and experience life in the ancient village of Inle Lake, one of the most famous ancient village in the world.

Explore the country of Buddhism.

Myanmar is known as the land of golden pagodas because this country has a lot of ancient temples relating to the history of Buddhism and Buddha. 90 percentage of Myanmar population is Buddhism. Myanmar travel tours

In Myanmar, visiting the temples and pagodas is the best way to explore the culture of this Buddhist country. Here you can see the temple and pagoda everywhere, from the large and famous ones as Shwedagon pagoda and Yaikhtiyo temple to many other smaller ones. You should travel by bike around the villages to see temples and watch the Buddhist meditating. If you want to learn more about the rites of worship here, you should prepare some snacks and drinks because it waste a long time and there is not any shops around temples.

Shwedagon Pagoda
Shwedagon Pagoda- Source: http://creatv.com

There are some notes for you when visiting here.

– Entering the temple or the local house, just remember to go barefoot.

– Bring more long pants and do not wear short skirts.

– When shopping in Myanmar, beside kyat, you should prepare some dollars to shop more easily.

Perhaps due to a long period of isolation, sanctions, this land is the mystery attracting tourists from over the world. This is great place for you to carry backpack up and go.

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