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From gorgeous golden beaches to legendary parties beneath a full moon, there are many reasons to visit Thailand. However, that is before the food is mentioned. No matter what reasons for your trip in Thailand are, the abundance of delicious flavors of Thai cuisine, which is a celebration of the fresh and fragrant, will make you want to stay longer. Visit Thailand with Indochina tours Thailand

Pad Thai

Created in the 1930s by a Thai-Chinese chef, pad Thai, which consists of thin rice noodles stir-fried with egg, shrimp and tofu, and seasoned with fish sauce, tamarind, vinegar, sugar and indispensably, dried chili, has subsequently reigned as the symbol of Thai cuisine.

Som Tam

Som Tam
Som Tam-source: Internet

Som Tam is a staple of Thai cuisine, and without hitting a dozen som tam sellers, you cannot throw a stone. In a mortar and pestle, shaved papaya is tossed with fish sauce, palm sugar, carrots, string beans, tomatoes, peanuts and a whole lot of chilies. This dish is as amazing and delicious as it is fiery. Even not getting it made with any chilies, it is so spicy. Even though there are a number of variations, whether you are after a healthy snack or a refreshing light meal, the essentials are the same, as do the principles of preparing the dish. Tours in Thailand

Depending on the different types of salad, it can be mixed with some preserved Gouramy fish and rice noodles, preserved crab, dried shrimps, peanuts, fresh snake beans and fresh crab. Besides the standard papaya, snake beans, green mangoes and cucumbers are also used as the main ingredient, creating a different type but with a similar texture som tam salad. To a satisfying som tam meal, a side of fresh cabbage and snake beans, marinated charcoal grilled chicken or maybe some grilled marinated catfish is also popular accompaniments.


Taking the form of minced meat seasoned with fish sauce and fresh herbs, roasted rice powder and lime juice, laap (also known as larb or larp) is Thailand’s northeast in one rustic dish. Don’t forget to enjoy laap with sticky rice, fat, short grains of rice that are steamed and enjoyed by hand.

Tom Jap Chai (Boiled Vegetable Soup)

Tom jap chai
Tom jap chai-source: Internet

A Chinese based vegetable soup, tom jap chai is prepared by slow boiling mustard greens and cabbage (or any other leafy greens of choice) for few hours till the vegetables become really soft and nearly disintegrate into the soup broth. Like other Thai dishes, pork or chicken is also used to cook the broth giving the soup its ultimate meaty flavor. Not at all spicy, Tam jap chai offers great flavor from the long cooking mingle of meat and many kinds of vegetables.

Panang Curry (Panang Curry)

Panang Curry
Panang Curry-source: Internet

Flavored with coconut milk, the red brown colored dish of Thai Panang Curry is lightly sweet with a nice nutty flavor. Just including a little sauce to supplement your plate of rice, Panang is not a soupy curry like Thai green curry. It is the freshly sliced kaffir lime leaves thrown of top giving the dish a wonderful aroma and zesty touch that may be the thing you enjoy most about a typical Panang curry.

Massaman Gai (Chicken Peanut Curry)

Massaman Gai
Massaman Gai-source: Internet

Massaman chicken curry is especially famous for being a Thai Muslim dish that has flavor influences from Persia. The coconut milk of Thailand mixed with a few of the familiar Arab flavors and you have got what is an internationally praised fare! The liquid is flavored with a wonderful nuttiness while chicken and potatoes are the large ingredients in Thai massaman curry.

Gai Pad Pongali (Thai Yellow Egg Curry / Chicken)

Gai Pad Pongali
Gai Pad Pongali-source: Internet

Comforting and rich is an understatement when you are thinking about Thai pongali curry. Common yellow curry powder which is cooked with a meat of choice is the main flavoring spice. An egg added to the dish to make it a thick eggy curry that tastes outstanding is the unique secret of the recipe. A few chopped chilies, celery and onions complete it. Another highly prized version of this dish is boo pad pongali, or crab pongali curry, which you can enjoy at all seafood restaurants throughout Bangkok.

Gaeng Neua (Beef Curry)

Gaeng neua
Gaeng neua-source: Internet

Beef is something not often found in fantastic Thai curries. However, beef lovers will be excited to sample Gaeng neua – the wonderful Thai style curry made with beef (instead of chicken or pork all the time). Due to more of a population that eats beef, Gaeng neua is more of a southern Thai dish, however it is also selectively available throughout Bangkok capital city. In addition to strips of beef, eggplants and tiny little pea are also popularly used in this dish.

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