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Hanoi has a great reputation for its appetizing cuisine. It is from mouth-watering noodle pho, yummy  spring rolls,  delightful desserts to nutrient vegetarian food. Are you vegetarians, vegans or in healthy vegetarian diet plan, relaxing in Vietnam tours? Let’s venture into the culinary paradise here to enjoy a few stomach-dropping moments in the best vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi.

Loving Hut Hanoi


Loving Hut is a chain of sites serving a list of vegetarian foods by Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veg living. It specializes in fresh, seasonally inspired vegan meals, offering healthy ingredients in every single dish. You will be interested in dishes such as typical mock meat and other vegetable favorites with a tasty vegetarian twist. Other highlights include the morning glory, Western style fruit salad and the vegan beef with coriander. The prices at Loving Hut Nguon Coi are reasonable. So if you’re looking for vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi on a budget, you can find many delicious dishes here. A buffet twice a month (on the full moon and new moon days) for just VND 100,000 ($ 5.00) adds the cherry on top. There will be around 25 dishes to choose from.


In Hanoi, Loving Hut has a chain of branches opening at about 11am – 10pm daily, located at:

  • No.147B Au Co street, Tay Ho District
  • No. 3/10/121 Chua Lang street, Dong Da District
  • No.18/07 Nguyen Hong street, Dong Da District
  • No.9A Dang Tat street, Ba Dinh District.

Bo De Quan

Bo De Quan is at 65 Quan Su street, Hoan Kiem District opening at 10 am – 10 pm. Despite being located on the one of crowded, bustling streets in the center of Hanoi, it may look humble from the outside. Its small and cozy environment will add to your overall experience in this hidden gem in Hanoi.

Bo De Quan is infamous for being a small, local vegetarian restaurant in Hanoi, serving traditional Vietnamese cuisine prepared fresh daily such as pho, spring roll. One of the highlights is their eclectic menu featuring rice, noodle and vegetable dishes changes every single day. It keeps customers on their toes about what they’re going to serve next. It is a good idea to enjoy one of their daily tasty soups or vegetarian noodle dishes.  You can also get their mixed rice, daily specials such as pumpkin, fried coconut, tofu. Besides, there are the usual trimmings such as fresh pineapple, salty peanuts and baked route vegetables all served on sticky brown rice.

Vegetarian spring roll in Bo De quan
Vegetarian spring roll in Bo De quan

The restaurant has plenty of faithful, returning customers. It is because the quality is unwavering and the price is affordable, costing around $2. Running by a mother and her daughters, all of whom will also make you feel right at home.

Ha Thanh Restaurant

If you ask for the most habitual vegetarian restaurant in Hanoi, Ha Thanh – Kim Ma Theatre would be a good choice. It is famous for its endless menu with different tasty vegetarian meals. Ha Thanh serves up various specialties such as fried banana flowers, mock fish, sautéed gourds, fried aubergines, lemongrass tofu with tomato sauce, and maize pancakes – all cooked by practicing vegetarians. With their extensive menu, it might be hard to choose only one of their dishes . Generous portions with fresh ingredients and pure vegetarian are served in reasonable price. Dining here will leave you feeling full and satisfied. Be sure to have a look through their exotic snack counter that features vegan snail chips. Those are something you can’t get your hands on in many places.

Beef and root vegetable soup in Ha Thanh Restaurant
Beef and root vegetable soup in Ha Thanh Restaurant

Ha Thanh is located at 116/166 Kim Ma street, Ba Dinh District. It opens early at 6 am to 11.30 pm.

Jalus Vegan Restaurant

If you have a desire to escape the lively streets of Hanoi and enjoy a vegetarian meal in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere of amazing vegetarian restaurant in Hanoi, Jalus Vegan is the best place for you. Its décor boasts wooden and geometric design and relaxing lighting taking you mind off stress of life. The restaurant offers stews, smoothies, cakes, and a variety of other western style and fusion dishes, especially fresh, crispy and healthy salad.

The best of Jalus vegan kitchen is taco salad, which has fresh peppers and cucumbers, chili and garlic, all wrapped inside a rice flour tortilla. Their fresh vegetables are crunchy and refreshing. They also serve vegan pizzas and wonderful mango pancakes with homemade pineapple jam, vegan Vietnamese coffee, vegan desserts and healthy smoothies like the energy buster smoothie.

Vegan salad in Jalus
Vegan salad in Jalus

Jalus Vegan Restaurant is one of the best site for vegetarian food in Hanoi. Its address is at 46 Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem District and opening at 10am-10pm.

Dieu Tam Restaurant

Quan Chay Dieu Tam is a small vegetarian restaurant in Hanoi, serving buffet-style mixed rice, run by a Buddhist family. All meals are a mixture of salads, vegetables, tofu, soup, as well as mock meat dishes served with a choice of white or brown rice with black beans, plus the ubiquitous Vietnamese tea. Prices are not hard on your wallet, and you’ll be able to get away with paying about $2 per person, probably even less. The restaurant opens at 9 am – 2 pm, located at 133 Nguyen Dinh Thi street, Tay Ho District. Noted that you can enjoy only the reasonable delicious lunch here.

A typical meal in Dieu Tam
A typical meal in Dieu Tam

Uu Dam Chay

Uu Dam means Udumbara – a pure and precious signal of a prosperous new era according to Buddhist scriptures. Inspired by that story, Uu Dam Vegan was built with a desire to spread this positive spirit. Uu Dam Vegan offers a cozy and quiet vibe, with exquisite, nutritious and healthy cuisine in a peaceful and relaxing environment for all precious diners, their families and friends. Their main services are breakfast ranged from traditional Vietnam breakfasts to Western ones, starter, entree, hot pot, desserts, drinks. All the dishes in Uu Dam which are made from selective ingredients, freshly-harvested vegetables through the skillful hands of dedicated chefs, are full of appetizing, worth-to-try.

Stunning Decor at Uu Dam
Stunning Decor at Uu Dam
healthy vegan food
Healthy vegan food

Located at 34 Hang Bai Street, Hoan Kiem District, Uu Dam is considered as one of the most exquisite vegetarian restaurant in Hanoi leading Vietnamese food lovers to the great, fascinating world of vegan food. It opens on Monday – Sunday at 7.30 am – 10.00 pm.

Minh Chay Vegan Restaurant

Minh Chay, located at 30 Ma May street or 45 Xuan Dieu, is a stylish vegetarian restaurant in Hanoi. It serves fresh and natutral vegan dishes bursting with flavor and offers a warm interior that can delight any vegetarians. Especially, Pho of Minh Chay Restaurant has a rare taste with the vegan beef melting in customer’s mouth.The broth has a slight hint of cinnamon and permeates the restaurant’s air.

 A set costing VND 899.000 (~ $39) in Minh Chay
A set costing VND 899.000 (~ $39) in Minh Chay

Minh Chay opens daily at 8 am – 10 am with a reasonable price. So you can immerse yourself in enjoying the yummy vegan food in one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi

With the top list of the best vegetarian restaurants above, you might have memorable moments in wonderful Vietnamese vegan culinary world during your Vietnam tours 2022.

Besides, you should consider Hanoi street food tour then asking for vegetarian food. It is quite sure that you could have a great vegetarian street food tour.

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