Animal lovers, check out Yangon Zoological Gardens

The Yangon Zoological Gardens (Yangon Zoo) is the oldest and the second largest zoo in Myanmar. Located immediately north of downtown Yangon near Kandawgyi Lake, the recreational park covers an area of 69.25-acre (280,200 meters square).

With a collection of nearly 200 species and 1100 species, the zoo draws nearly 2.2 million visitors annually. The zoo was operated by the Forest Department under the Ministry of Forestry until April 2011, and is now operated by a private firm. Yangon Zoo is open from 8 am to 6 pm daily. Indochina tours

Yangon Zoological Gardens
Yangon Zoological Gardens

In 1901, to honor Queen Victoria, the zoo was established in 1901 and called Victoria Memorial Park and Zoological Gardens. In 1951, it was renamed Yangon Zoological Gardens and Parks.

Not a bad zoo with the animals apparently treated better than you might expect. Yangon Zoo is an ideal place to escape from the busy days, especially for families with young children. Highlights include hippos, rhinoceros, elephants, lions, tigers and red pandas. Admission fee is 2000 kyats for foreigners.

The Elephant Enclosure at Yangon Zoo
The Elephant Enclosure at Yangon Zoo

The Yangon Zoo includes a zoological garden, aquarium and botanic park and amusement park in one. The 69-acre park is planted with over 300 kinds of exotic plants and trees. The park houses more than 1200 animals of nearly 200 species such as elephants, tigers, clouded leopards, Eld’s Deer, Mouse Deer, Hoolock Gibbon, Red Goral, Gaur, takins or primates like Phayre’s leaf-monkey and the Dusky Leaf-monkey. The Yangon Zoo is also an educational centre of natural history. Myanmar holidays

The Yangon Zoological Gardens and Parks offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The oldest zoo in Myanmar boasts rare and endangered animal species as well as rich flora over several sprawling acres.

A large Hippo at Yangon Zoo
A large Hippo at Yangon Zoo

The Museum of Natural History, located at the southern end of the park, is well worth a visit for its exhibits of taxidermy of rare indigenous animals with explanatory charts and captions. In addition, there is an amusement park with the city’s only roller-coaster, and a large-scale aquarium.

It also boasts over 300 species of flora with trees and plants, beautiful flowers all over the place. Shady green lawns and a lovely lake can be found amidst lush tropical surroundings for family picnics, or just to relax for a while. There are a lot of entertainment options for the young and young at heart, such as various thrill rides, including rides on horses, elephants, horse cart, etc.

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