3 cities in Laos to visit before everyone else does

As a land of 237,955 square kilometers and populated by 6,758,000 people as of 2016, Laos is not really a big country out there but it has just as much to offer you as other big-hitter neighboring countries like Thailand or Vietnam. However, even the most well-traveled ones will show a few gaps on the “where I have been to in Laos” map.But which the best cities to visit on your Indochina tours Laos before anyone else does are? Let’s me tell you what you might be missing out on.

Vang Vieng – a hub for adventure and outdoor sports


Vang Vieng - a hub for adventure and outdoor sports
Vang Vieng – a hub for adventure and outdoor sports

A riverside town located in central Laos – about a 4-hour bus ride north of the capital, Vang Vieng has a rather wild reputation and a surprisingly vibrant nightlife scene. The biggest reason to visit bubbly little town is the picturesque outdoors. This usually celebrated a tubing hotspot or a hub in Laos for adventure and outdoor sports now does experience an influx of adventure seekers, rock climbers, party-hard backpacker, adventurers, cave explorers, young couples, adrenalin junkies, photographers, and hikers.

Starting with the fact that you can experience drunken tubing excursions down the river. Or participate in its famous daily good party. Or, if you are not into joining the party at any of a lot of riverside bars, relaxing in style at the Blue Lagoon, or going deep into the dark caves, you can just walk around these streets with fewer cars, more bikes and motorbikes, smaller buildings, a noticeable impact of the French colonial style, and almost no advertisements to enjoy a definitely relaxing and laid-back quality. Want to get closer to local culture and lifestyle? Let’s hike in the hills and visit these quaint ethnic mountain villages, including Hmong, close by!

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In spite of its share of unfortunate events that happened to some friends who experienced crazy tubing, Vang Vieng is still a wonderful spot to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Si Phan Don – the 4,000 islands in Northern Laos


Si Phan Don – the 4,000 islands
Si Phan Don – the 4,000 islands

There are impressive sights to be admired, history to be learned, and great food to be had in Laos, but it is the 4,000 islands that make the nation with no coastline such a gem.

Set against a scenic section of the Mekong River at the southernmost point of Laos, Si Phan Don is the best attraction in the deep south of Champasak Province on your Laos travel tours and home to a small population of the highly endangered Irrawaddy Dolphins (some of the last pink dolphins in the world). If you are looking for a quiet place to enjoy stunning mountains, the 4,000 islands fit the bill. This huge riverine archipelago offers you a true respite from the city’s noise and crowds and a great place to kick back and do nothing.

Sure, this site is part of the southernmost point of Laos, but the natural landscape of the land is rich and diverse. In the watery terrain, you will find large open spaces, with big skies and peaceful atmosphere making it great to explore on four-wheelers, bicycles, or kayaks – which can be rented here.

Finally, any idea which the most spectacular one in the largest beautiful set of islands in Laos is? These large islands like Don Khon and Don Det or the small and sleepy island like Don Khong? You can have them all in Si Phan Don, which is otherwise known as 4000 islands!

Phonsavan – the hills of paradise


Phonsavan-the hills of paradise
Phonsavan-the hills of paradise

The 4,000 islands might not be the biggest surprise Laos has to offer! What’s bigger? It is Phonsavan – where you will be seeing Hmong “cowboys” wearing violet and brown cowboy hats and finding yourself enjoying their bullfights hosted during Hmong New Year!

A place where you will find real life Lao cowboys who are dressed in Stetsons and rear cattle on the surrounding lush plains, Phonsavan, which actually means “hills of paradise” in the Lao language, is a good place to experience the U.S.’s Old West, only with Laotian characteristics.

If you really want to fall off the grid and get away from it all on your Laos tours and see a more rural side of the country, Phonsavan offers it all, just do not forget your camera, as you will want to show off this part of Laos – is known, rather surprisingly, for its cowboy culture to your friends back home and be at the mercy of their envy. If you are still hanging in the hills of paradise, the Plain of Jars – a large area extending around the town of Phonsavan is your move for a day exploring a gorgeous natural structure with its ancient megalithic structures that resemble jars.

Laos has attracted traveling lovers from all over the world for many years and has grown into the great big melting pot of culture in Southeast Asia that we know it to be today. Travelers planning to visit Laos – the Land of a Million Elephants have many exciting destinations to choose from.


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