Top 7 beautiful things to do in Luang Prabang [2023]

Luang Prabang, an ancient city in northern Laos, is a true Southeast Asian treasure. With its rich history, cultural heritage, and natural beauty, it draws so much travelers. In this blog, we’ll look at the top 6 things to do in Luang Prabang so you can make the best of your trip to this charming city.

Kuang Si Waterfall – the city’s most famous summer retreat

The Kuang Si Waterfall is a stunning natural wonder that’s surrounded by lush jungle. This peaceful oasis is the perfect place to relax, swim, and enjoy the beauty of nature. Jumping down the waterfall, taking a dip in the cool, turquoise pools and soak up the serenity of this breathtaking waterfall will create for you a lifetime experience.

Trekking in Kuangsi Waterfall Laos
Jumping down the Kuang Si waterfall

If you are nature lovers and wildlife explorers, it is amazing to visit a bear conservation center inside the gate, where you can get some information about the abuse that the Asian black bears face. For more adventurous travelers, it is great to hike to the top where you can admire breathtaking views and enjoy some more natural pools. Steep trails require proper footwear and are not for children.

Travel tips: It is the best experienced in the morning before it becomes too busy, but also fascinating when people have fun jumping in and out of the emerald water. The waterfall is located around 30 minutes outside of Luang Prabang, you can choose to get there by tuk-tuk or renting a bicycle.

The Kuang Si falls, with something for everyone, are widely considered some of the most spectacular in Laos and thus, included in all Laos private tours’ itineraries.

Take part in the daily alms giving ceremony

alms giving ceremony in Laos
Witness the daily alms giving ceremony

If you are finding an unforgettable experience in Luang Prabang, don’t miss out to participate alms-giving ceremony. You should wake up early to capture this tranquily scene. Local people seat in front of their house and donate food for monks. The time will gradually pass by as the line of monk pass. It would be a really good way to connect with the local culture and religion, then know more about them. To understand deeply moving and beautiful religious traditions, having an informative commentary from a knowledgeable guide is not a bad idea.

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Pak Ou Cave – A highlight of Luang Prabang Laos

The Pak Ou caves are located 25 kilometers west of Luang Prabang. What makes this cave special is that there are thousands of Buddha statues inside, on the rocky cliff with faces overlooking to the Mekong river.  The cave is actually divided into two smaller caves: lower and upper one. The lower cave, Tham Ting, is closer to the water level, while the top cave, Tham Theung, is reached by hiking up several stone stairs.

Pak Ou Cave
1,000 Buddhas sounds like a lot until you realize they are very small.

Also, getting a boat cruise on Mekong River to Pak Ou Caves is probably the most desirable and charming way for a major number of travelers. Pak Ou caves is originally a spiritual as well as worth to visit; it is nowadays gets very touristy. Almost all tours depart for Pak Ou in the morning, so the best time to visit Pak Ou is advisable in the afternoon. If you can book a boat trip in the late afternoon, you can witness a stunning sunset on Mekong River on the way coming back.

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Experience the thrill of hand-feeding elephants

One of the truly unique experiences that should be on every traveler’s list is hand-feeding elephants in Luang Prabang. As soon as you arrive at the elephant sanctuary, you’ll be greeted by these gentle giants and having a basket of bananas and sugar cane to feed them. The elephants here are well-cared for and live in a natural habitat, and you’ll be able to observe them and learn about their behavior and social structures.

Elephant feeding
Hand-experience elephant

The hand-feeding experience is not just about feeding the elephants, you can also about learning about how important of elephants in Laos is and what challenges they used to face. You’ll know why elephant plays as a symbol of the country’s culture and economy, and how they’ve been used for logging, trekking, and other forms of exploitation. One hand touching once opens your knowledge.

Whether you’re an animal lover, a nature enthusiast, the hand-feeding elephants in Luang Prabang is a thing to do you won’t want to miss. Add this unforgettable activity to your itineraries of things to do in Luang Prabang and you’ve truly experienced the best that this city has to offer.

Luang Prabang Night Market – where to go for Luang Prabang’s vibrant nightlife

luang prabang nightlife

Visiting the Night Market in Luang Prabang gives you a another perspective on this laid-back city. It is a vivid and bustling location that genuinely embodies the character of the town. This market is situated in the city center so you easily get there.  It is open every evening at 6 p.m, so you can spend an evening at this ideal spot from watching its colorful kiosks, vibrant ambiance, and handcrafted crafts, textiles, to try some street food. Purchasing a memento is a great way to remember your incredible experience.

Tip: Don’t forget to try the main attraction is the mouthwatering yet reasonable street food like glutinous sticky rice served in bamboo baskets with spicy jeow, spring rolls and baked goods, fried mushrooms and seaweed, and local drinks such as Lao Lao whiskey and Beer Lao.

Visit the Traditional Ethnology Centre

The Traditional Ethnology Centre is a fascinating museum dedicated to the study and preservation of Lao ethnic culture and traditions. Here, you can explore the unique cultures and lives of Laos’ ethnic groups and obtain a better grasp of the country’s rich history. Everyone interested in cultural and anthropological studies should take advantage of this one and informative event.

Visiting the Traditional Ethology Center is a must for anyone interested in exploring about the ethnic cultures of Laos. Definately, you will be amazed at how the diversity of Lao is, colorful, and above all informative this museum is.

The center displays the preserving the traditional arts, customs, and crafts of the various ethnic groups in Laos. You’ll see the traditional textiles, musical instruments, and cultural artifacts. After getting around the museum, you will get an overview of the rich and diverse culture of Laos. The center is located outside of Luang Prabang, and they also run some tours and available for visitors. It’s defenitely worth a visit to learn about the history and culture of Laos and connect with the local people.

Mount Phou Si – Luang Prabang’s sacred mountain

Sunset on the Mount Phou Si
Sunset on the Mount Phou Si- source: internet

After climbing the 328 steps to the top of Phousi Mountain, you can see Luang Prabang from a different perspective. The panoramic views of the city and its surroundings are simply spectacular with Mekong river, green of lush forest. Plus, the climb up the mountain is a fun and challenging experience, so it’s worth for working up a sweat and enjoying the view. It is the side of Luang Prabang tour that you will love most.

Tips: Mount Phousi is a popular place to come for sunset and sunrise so you can visit here at that time. Besides that, you should come in the middle of the day to avoid massive.

Its diverse landscape, architectural treasures, historic sites, and fabulous food make Luang Prabang a feast for the soul, offering something for everyone. How can your Laos private tours be perfect without a visit to its UNESCO World Heritage portion?

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