Bagan – the most mysterious city in Myanmar

Whenever traveling Myanmar, you should never miss a chance to enjoy beauty of Bagan – “thousand temples” city of  Myanmar.

Bagan ancient city is located on the banks of the Ayeyarwady river (Irrawaddy), 145 kilometers to the southeast from Mandalay. In Bagan, visitors will discover temples built in the 11th – 13th century.  It is estimated that more than 10,000 Buddhist temples, pagodas and monasteries have scattered across the plains of central Myanmar, which has more than 2200 temples still have existed today.

The world of thousand temples easily makes you fall into oblivion domain. The famous temples should not be missed include Shwezigon (11th centery) in Nyang U, Ananda (11th centery) and Thatbyinnyu (12th centery), Shwegugyi (11th centery) and Shwesandaw (11th centery), etc. Moving to inside of the accident temples, visitors will be impressed by unique architecture.  Big Buddha statues are along the walkway, vibrant colors of walls with tone: red, orange, are decorated with exquisite carved pictures. Read more: Myanmar holidays

 Thousands of ancient temples in Bagan
Thousands of ancient temples in Bagan

 Not only exploring  ancient temples in Bagan, visitors also have a chance to enjoy the cuisine of region and visit the traditional weaving village. Moreover, you can climb the top of pagodas, temples to enjoy sunrise in the early morning, roam by horse-drawn carriages, follow the footsteps of shoppers, sit in meditation anywhere inside the cool temple and immerse in the romantic scenes of the sunset in Bagan. Especially, watching the sunrise and sunset in Bagan ground is tourism activities that are very popular for all travelers to visit here. At dawn, the sun rise from the horizon, draw on the vast plains with tone orange and bright yellow color. This is a great period of time to look at the temples of Bagan glowed in the sunlight. At the sunset, the sky is dotted by blue clouds, but ever since it is “stained” by the purple and yellow light that looks very spectacular.

The ancient temples is mysteriously beautiful at sunset
The ancient temples is mysteriously beautiful at sunset
Cart horse is a popular vehicle that many visitors choose when traveling Bagan
Cart horse is a popular vehicle that many visitors choose when traveling Bagan

In Bagan, two most excellent ways for you to enjoy the beauty of this place are to ride a cart horse or a bicycle. With cart horses, driver will be a tour guide to take you to the famous places that you do not need to waste a long time on finding way with a price of 25 USD/vehicle carrying three people. With bicycles, you only cost 1 USD/day to rent bicycles and explore places that don’t have in the schedule.

If you intend “view forum” in the beautiful Myanmar country, “thousand temples” city – Bagan will be a great choice for you.

The Indochina Voyages team.

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