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Hanoi is now bustling with street food alleys, each characterized by its own special dishes. The standards dished of the countryside have been modified to satisfy the tastes of town people. Since then, the streets and alleyways of Hanoi have become one gigantic feast. Let’s explore the best street food in Hanoi during your Vietnam travel and tours

Bun thang

Are you wondering what will be served in Hanoi for you when visiting here? What’s left and what’s new that’s the only way to find out by diving right into the excitement. One of the highest recommendations for you is Bun thang. This is a quintessential dish of Hanoi. Mrs. Duc bun thang restaurant is a small stall on the corner of Cau Go Street and always filled with diners coming in and out. Being opened for 25 years, the traditional taste is still remained as in the beginning. There are different various kinds of ingredients gathering in a bowl of Bun Thang such as prawns, eggs, pork patties, pickled radish, Vietnamese mint, mushroom and chicken. In order to obtain the distinctive taste, even the process of making the egg or the duration of cooking bones is difficult. Among the many simple snacks of Hanoi, it seems to embody the quintessence of the cuisine in the old capital city.

Mouthwatering image of Bun Thang
Mouthwatering image of Bun Thang

Bun cha (grilled pork noodles)

The Old Quarter of Hanoi with its 36 streets is where to find Hanoi’s culinary culture. Many streets are called “Hang” which in Vietnamese references food, for example, Hang Ga, Hang Mam, Hang Bun, Hang Khoai, Hang Dau. They contribute fertile and florid features to the city. Many dishes easy to taste and take whenever you want to fill up your hungry, but bun cha is one of the top must-try dishes while traveling in Hanoi. There are two kinds of grilled pork noodles you can choose: pads and rolls are fried. Under the ingenuity hands of locals, the pork is grilled on the charcoal, not burnt but aromatic. Two indispensable ingredients of bun cha Hanoi are noodles and vegetables. All of those are gone very well with a bowl of fish sauce including vinegar, minced garlic and chili.

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If you follow some entertainment TV shows, you will be impressive by bun cha Huong Lien located at 24 Le Van Huu Street. Mr. President Obama and the famous host Anthony Bourdain tried bun cha here while they visited Vietnam and Obama said that it’s such delicious that he wanted 2 more. I think nothing is worth than this great feedback from a great president and a famous chef.

One of the most attractive dishes in Hanoi
One of the most attractive dishes in Hanoi

Steamed rice pancake rolls

Hoan Kiem Lake or Sword Lake has long been a weekend hangouts for many people and it is loved for its historic beauty and rustic charm. Many say that it seems to be the cultural heart of this capital city. People come here to meet up, hang out and it is also a place to get a feel of the modern city but immerse themselves in an ambiance reminiscent of the olden days. Moreover, people love visiting here to enjoy some typical street food. The search goes on for the tastiest treats in Hanoi- steamed rice pancake rolls. This cake made with the super thin layer of steamed rice, filled with minced pork and wood ear mushroom, topped with some fried onions. The fish sauce plays an important role in soaking up all those delicious flavors of this dish. Located in the heart of the capital city, banh cuon restaurant in 68 Hang Cot Street is a destination to start your foodie trip in Hanoi

The best gift to warm your heart when visiting Hanoi
The best gift to warm your heart when visiting Hanoi

Banh Gio

In another corner of the Old Quarter, street vendors still sell up until every hour of the night continue their work. Visiting Hanoi at night, nothing is better than filling up your hunger by getting Banh Gio. This dish definitely tastes very savory and full of flavor. The great combination of rice flour, minced meat and mushroom are eaten with chili sauce will warm your heart in the cool vibes at night. This taste also is a reminder of how lucky you’re to be in a city like Hanoi, craving for some good food on a cold winter night.

Egg coffee

Nothing is better than finishing your day than with a cup of coffee and the way to enjoy it is very unique. The element makes coffee in Hanoi special is the egg in it. Coffee, egg and milk are together very well and it is the most efficient way to have breakfast. Now, a ton of coffee can be found around Hanoi but Giang coffee was the first using a blend of egg yolks, sugar and a touch of cocoa powder. In the first time to take a bite, it seems to be a custard but it just completely creamy. The egg is trying to bring the bitterness down and it is the best choice if you’re not a big fan of strong Vietnamese coffee.

Egg coffee in Giang coffee shop
Egg coffee in Giang coffee shop


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