Calling from Beach: How to get to Phu Quoc from Cambodia?

Phu Quoc, a stunning island located off the southwestern coast of Vietnam, is a popular destination known for its pristine beaches, lush landscapes, and vibrant marine life. If you’re planning a trip to Phu Quoc from Cambodia, let Indochina Voyages guide you through the best ways to reach this tropical paradise:

Phu Quoc Island - Maldives of Vietnam
Phu Quoc Island – Maldives of Vietnam

Where is Phu Quoc?

Phu Quoc is a captivating island located in the Gulf of Thailand, approximately 45 kilometers (28 miles) west of Ha Tien, a town in the Kien Giang Province of Vietnam. Situated closer to Cambodia than mainland Vietnam and bonus the paradise landscape suitable for holidays, Phu Quoc has become a popular destination for travelers coming when enjoying Vietnam and Cambodia Family Tour.

With an area of around 574 square kilometers (222 square miles), Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam. It offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, pristine beaches, and vibrant marine life. The island’s strategic location in the Gulf of Thailand makes it easily accessible for visitors from both Cambodia and Vietnam.

As you arrive on the island, you’ll be greeted by the warm hospitality of the locals and the enticing aroma of fresh seafood. Phu Quoc offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city life, allowing visitors to unwind, explore the natural wonders, and create lasting memories.

Best way to get to Phu Quoc from Cambodia?

If you are in Cambodia and would like to travel to Phuquoc Island, there are three ways for you to choose from: One way is on the ground (including 2 trips by 2 different types of vehicles), one by air, and one by 100% waterway.

How to get to Phu Quoc from Cambodia?
How to get to Phu Quoc from Cambodia?

On the ground: Cambodia – Ha Tien – Phu Quoc Island

To reach Phu Quoc from Cambodia, you can follow the route from Cambodia to Ha Tien by road, and then from Ha Tien to Phu Quoc by waterway.

Cambodia to Ha Tien (Vietnam) by Road

Start your journey in Cambodia and make your way to the border town of Koh Kong. From major cities like Phnom Penh or Sihanoukville, you can find buses or taxis that will take you to Koh Kong. Once you reach Koh Kong, proceed to the border crossing at Cham Yeam. Go through immigration and customs, ensuring you have the necessary travel documents.

After crossing the border, you can continue by road to Ha Tien. The distance between the border and Ha Tien is approximately 130 kilometers (81 miles), and the journey continues to take you around 3-4 hours.

Departure Point to Koh KongDistanceTime
Phnom Penh270 kilometers
(168 miles)
4-5 hours
Sihanoukville200 kilometers
(124 miles)
3-4 hours

When you’re in Ha Tien travel to Cambodia by bus or private car hire according to your own schedule. If the daily bus ride from Cambodia 2 trips to Ha Tien at 7:00 am and 1:00 pm. It is an air-conditioned bus company, and the vehicle, and running transparent quality do not stop along the route to welcome you to rest assured. 

With the bus service to go with you, you get the box office staff helping with procedures at the border, and includes shuttle bus will pick you up in the office if you put the car in advance. If renting a car with 4 seats, 16 seats, or 29 seats, the car will go down to the private dock and pick your time actively. This means you have to put the car in a few days and transfer a deposit in advance to schedule a pickup of your car.

Ha Tien to Phu Quoc by Waterway

Upon arriving in Ha Tien, head to the ferry terminal. There are regular ferry and speedboat services that operate between Ha Tien and Phu Quoc. Purchase your ferry or speedboat ticket at the terminal. The journey from Ha Tien to Phu Quoc usually takes around 1.5-2 hours, depending on the type of vessel.

Type of VesselPriceTime
Highway Train fares Ngoc ThanhVND 215,000
(US $11)
1.5 hours
High-Speed Train fares SuperdongVND 230.000
(US $12)
1.5 hours
Thanh Thoi Ferry
(Transfers passengers, vehicles, and cargo)
VND 230.000
(US $11)
2.5 hours


  • The speed boat docks daily with 2 flights in the morning and one afternoon trip to Phu Quoc with time on the train only.
  • Ben vessel within the center in Phuquoc island district 20km you can take a taxi or bus, taxi option. if external Limousine type 7 seats or 16 seats priced at 400.000 – 600.000VND ($20-$30). 

By Air: Cambodia (Phnom Penh/ Siem Reap) – Phu Quoc Island

Another convenient option to reach Phu Quoc from Cambodia is by air. Several airlines operate direct flights from major cities in Cambodia, such as Phnom Penh or Siem Reap, to Phu Quoc International Airport. Phnom Penh – Phuquoc Island with an average flight time from Phnom Penh to Phu Quoc is 3 hours 45 minutes, distance to Phnom Penh to Phuquoc is 175 km with fares equivalent to US $200.

  1. Check for available flights from your departure city to Phu Quoc. Consider booking in advance to secure the best fares.
  2. Fly directly to Phu Quoc International Airport, which serves both domestic and international flights.
  3. Upon arrival, you can easily access various transportation options to reach your desired destination on the island.
Cambodia airport
Cambodia airport- source: internet


Do I need a visa to visit Phu Quoc from Cambodia?

If you are a foreign traveler, please check the visa requirements based on your nationality. In some cases, travelers can visit Phu Quoc without a visa for a specific period if they fly directly to the island.

How long does it take to travel from Cambodia to Phu Quoc?

The total travel time will depend on the mode of transportation chosen. By road and waterway, it can take approximately 4-6 hours. By air, the flight duration varies depending on the departure city.

What is the best time to visit Phu Quoc?

Phu Quoc enjoys a tropical climate, with warm temperatures year-round. The dry season, from November to April, is generally considered the best time to visit, as the weather is sunny and rainfall is minimal.

What are some popular attractions in Phu Quoc?

Phu Quoc offers a range of attractions, including stunning beaches, Phu Quoc National Park, fish sauce factories, night markets, and opportunities for snorkeling and diving to explore the vibrant marine life.

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